Britain The homeless have been forced to move from Cornwall hotels to the G7 meeting and tourists

A local politician denies the impact of the summit, but there are more than 4,000 room reservations on behalf of the police.

South West of England Cornwall is preparing to host G7 leaders from major industrialized countries. At the same time, the county has plunged into an “accommodation crisis”. However, the crisis is not about leaders arriving at the summit, but the homeless.

About 130 homeless people staying in Cornwall hotels have been evicted from paying customers, says British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

“This is a crisis,” said Cornwall Council Commissioner for Accommodation and Planning Olly Monk Cornwall Live -local media.

Cornwall the council’s accommodation services have come under “exceptional pressure” due to the pandemic. According to the council, the number of households in need of temporary accommodation has more than doubled during 2020. In total, there are about a thousand people in the county who need temporary or emergency accommodation.

According to Monk the accommodation crisis is due to the hotel’s desire to “return to normal” as the tourist season has intensified due to the easing of corona restrictions and holidays.

“I think the hotel has decided that they will be able to earn more if they return to their usual earnings models,” Monk told the BBC.

In interviews Monk denied that the G7 meeting would have a major impact on the housing crisis. However, the local charity Disc Newquay disagrees. According to the organization, the people it supports have been displaced from hotels out of the way of the meeting.

“Down from the city of Bodmin, most of the accommodation is reserved for the G7 meeting,” said the organisation’s director. Monique Collins British newspaper The Guardian.

The newspaper says the summit’s security police had booked more than 4,000 rooms from more than 200 locations across Devon and Cornwall. There were also hundreds of reservations in the name of the Government.

The G7 meeting will be held for the 47th time this year. The participating countries are the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan.



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