Britain Supreme Court: British government breaches the law by awarding a major contract without competition to lovers of key government figures

The decision concerns a company whose owners had a close relationship with former Special Assistant to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dominic Cumming, and Minister Michael Gove.

BritanniaN the Supreme Court has given its decision in a case involving one of the country’s most important ministers Michael Govea was accused of awarding state contracts to his acquaintances. According to the news agency Reuters.

The background of Jupaka is The Guardian and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson former adviser Dominic Cummings that Michael Gove’s couple of friends.

Their company was awarded contracts worth more than one million euros. The contracts were awarded without the tender required by law.

Cummings confirmed to the court his long-standing friendship with the couple and said he was instrumental in awarding contracts to their company.

First the contract was worth just over EUR 100 000, so it did not exceed the threshold for opening the tender.

The second contract, for its part, had a maximum value of almost £ 980,000, or more than € 1 million, and was awarded without a call for tenders due to an emergency caused by the corona epidemic.

The Friends First Public First was eventually paid more than € 650,000 for the latter contract.

Corporate the task was to find out the opinions of the citizens about the corona actions of the government of the country through surveys and discussion groups.

That lawsuit originated in an action by the NGO Good Law Project. The organization has also filed other lawsuits against the British government over ambiguities about contracts awarded during the corona epidemic.



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