Britain Scotland is due to pardon thousands of people convicted as witches during witch hunts

The persecution of witches began in the country in the 16th century, and for example, the exorcism of storms and the induction of headaches the morning after drinking were enough to convict a witch.

In Scotland is meant to pardon thousands of people who were convicted centuries ago as witches, he says The Times -newspaper.

During the 16th and 18th centuries, 3,873 people were charged with witchcraft in Scotland. 2,600 of them were convicted and executed by strangulation and burning. Prior to the verdict, they were tortured so that witch hunters received both accolades and names from other “witches”.

Major some of the convicted witches were women and admitted, under torture, that they had Jaakko I and his fresh bride Anna would not be able to return to Scotland from Denmark by ship.

Also accused of witchcraft Lilias Adie for example, admitted that he had exiled a local resident so that he would have a headache after a drunken alcohol-filled evening.

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“Per capita, we executed five times more people than the rest of Europe during the 16th and 18th centuries, the majority of whom were women. In terms of proportions, 300 people were indicted in Salem and 19 of them were executed, ”says Claire Mitchell from the Witches of Scotland leading the amnesty campaign.

Pardons an enabling law change could take effect as early as next summer.

“It is right that this injustice be corrected, that these people who were criminalized and who were predominantly women will be pardoned,” says the initiator of the bill. Natalie Don.

Last month, the Church of Scotland published apology their contribution to the persecution and the “abuse and executions” of those accused of witchcraft.

Traditionally catalogs associated with witchcraft such as brooms, black cats, pots and black hats are The Guardinin according to the Peruvians from the time women put beer. Among other things, these “beer wives” advertised their products in the market using a distinctive black hat, while the cats kept the mice away from the beer kegs.

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The role of beer wives was significantly reduced as brewing became increasingly economically viable.

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