Britain records the highest daily death toll from Corona injuries since February

A patient with corona was transferred to a hospital in London

Britain recorded 8,125 new cases of Covid-19 disease, on Friday, an increase of 732 cases from the previous day, government data showed.
Thus, the United Kingdom has recorded the highest total number of injuries in twenty-four hours since last February 26.
Britain also recorded 17 new deaths from the Corona virus.
This comes as the United Kingdom announced a total of 42,323 cases of the mutated “delta” strain of the Corona virus, which first appeared
Once in India, an increase of 29,892 cases in a week, according to a weekly update of data on the strain released by Public Health England on Friday.
More than 90% of new cases in Britain are due to the “delta” strain, which “continues to increase at a much higher rate, compared to the alpha strain”, which first appeared in the United Kingdom, according to the Public Health Authority.
With the increase in infections with the fastest-growing “delta” strain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a large number of data on developments in the Corona virus situation that indicate a deterioration in the situation before making his difficult decision on whether to proceed with the last stage of reopening the economy at a time Later this month, Bloomberg News reported on Friday.

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