Britain Racist stamp takes work from Commissioner Lewis: Now he refuses to date his “over-awake” younger and sets up a new right-wing party in Britain

Laurence Fox, known from Commissioner Lewis’s police series, became a right-wing activist and now wants “Britain back”. Opponents face death threats on social media, but on the street, supporters praise. The investor who supported Brexit donated millions to Fox’s new party.


To Britain is on the grounds of a new right-wing party whose campaign has familiar echoes of the rhetoric of basic Finns.

The slogan of the basic Finns is: “Vote Finland back.”

Now a new party called England is being born in England Reclaim Party – that is, demand (or power) Britain back.

For now The Reclaim party is a one-man movement. Its founder and face is an actor Laurence Fox, which is also known in Finland for its role Commissioner Lewis in the police series.

In Britain, Fox has become an extremely controversial figure this year.

To his opponents, he is a disgusted far-right racist. His supporters, on the other hand, think Fox is saying out loud what many are secretly thinking: political correctness and an apology for British history have gone too far.

“My goal is to stop wokethe rise in the phenomenon, ”Fox tells London-based foreign correspondents in a Zoom interview.

In the Commissioner Lewis police series also presented in Finland, Laurence Fox (right) played James Hathaway. The title role was played by Kevin Whately (left).­

The concept of woke is from the United States, and for many the meaning of the word is positive. The person is woke, if he is “awake,” that is, aware of subjugation and other social ills.

Fox and many others, on the other hand, see the phenomenon as negative. To them, those who are “awake” are useless complainants who are offended by even nothing.

Fox, 42, has even said she doesn’t want to meet women under the age of 35 because these are way too woke.

What is behind this?

“I had a girlfriend who had embraced all the modern day eagles and was just talking about toxic masculinity … but after all, toxic femininity. Every man who has argued about children in a divorce situation knows that. ”

Fox thinks the younger generation are “grumpy millennials who resent everything” and can’t even stand “gentle humor”.

Foxin the road from actor to activist-politician set off in January with a partial accident.

He visited a television talk show and commented there on the move of the Duke of Sussex from Britain to North America.

“I said no Meghan Markle therefore left that he would have had to experience racism in Britain. He was very welcome in this country. The reason was rather the rigid structure of the court and the fact that Markle was used to being the center of attention. ”

Fox’s Meghan view criticized sitting in the audience university teacher Rachel Boyle, who thought Fox as a “white privileged man” didn’t see the whole picture.

Fox gave back and accused Boyle of racism, after which the soup was ready.

“After the shots, I went to gt, but in the morning my cell phone was completely blocked. Half of the feedback providers were on my side. The other half barked at me as a racist. ”

TV performance after the former there was no return.

“The first three months were painful… It was a shock that a racist was shouted at me. ”

The hustle and bustle took on the acting work that was otherwise frozen due to the corona pandemic. Fox became too “toxic” to employers.

“I decided that Britain needs a new party to maintain freedom of expression. The by-product of freedom of expression is that people can also say stupid things. ”

Laurence Fox (left) and actor-producer Damian Lewis at the Evening Standard theater awards gala in London in November 2019.­

Foxilla has more than 250,000 followers on Twitter, and he doesn’t hesitate to provoke. He is, among other things opposed The Sainsbury’s department store chain is joining the Black History Month campaign because he says it supposedly reflects racial segregation.

Sainsbury replied that they celebrate what they want and oppose racism – if not valid, can go shopping elsewhere.

There are also death threats for Fox. But where social media is a constant battle, there are enough encouragers for gossip:

“People on the street will thank you.”

Reclaim party the paperwork for the establishment is still in progress. The choice of name has also been challenged: the Manchester-based youth organization Reclaim does not want Fox to use the same name.

However, the party has already received a financial support. Investor Jeremy Hosking has donated a pot of about £ 5 million, or € 5.6 million, to the party.

According to Fox, the party will remain open to donation for at least four years.

Hosking is known not only as a collector of steam trains but also as an avid supporter of Brexit. He donated journal information according to the Brexit-driven Vote Leave campaign £ 1.7 million. One-fifth million also received Nigel Faragen the Brexit party founded last year.

What does Fox think of Brexit?

“I voted in favor of staying in the EU. But when the Brexit position was won, the result of the referendum began to be overthrown, and I began to support Brexit. ”

In Britain Fox’s Reclaim movement has been dubbed the “Ukip Party of Cultural People”.

Ukip, who opposed immigration and pushed Brexit, was Farage’s previous party, which he used to feed the idea of ​​Brexit into mainstream thinking and pressed the Conservatives to agree to the EU referendum.

What does Fox think of Farage?

“I haven’t listened to his speeches. We are not allies. ”

Which party did Fox support before its own?

“In the 2017 parliamentary elections, I voted Jeremy Corbynin Labor Party. I liked their election program. ”

The answer is surprising, because now already divorced – and from the labor shelved – Corbyn was too left to qualify for many midfield moving voters. In the 2019 election, Fox says he voted Boris Johnson conservatives. Sometimes, in the past, Fox’s voice has also been won by Liberal Democrats in favor of EU membership.

Donald Trumpia too he has supported. In Britain, it is not popular even among the majority of Conservative voters.

In Britain live a strong bipartisan system. The electoral system favors large parties, and on the English side it is a matter of a struggle between the Conservatives and the Labor Party.

It is very difficult for small parties to have their own representative in the lower house of Parliament.

For example, in 2015, the Ukip party received only one out of 650 MPs, although the vote catch was 12.6 percent. Farage, on the other hand, never became a Member of Parliament, although he was nominated a total of seven times between 1994 and 2015.

What is the point of setting up a small party that has no opportunity to influence?

Fox is vague in its answers. The party reportedly wants to nominate its own candidates and change the direction of politics. Above all, Fox wants Britain to re-appreciate its cultural heritage and history.

Laurence Fox, a black man, attended a memorial service for those who fell in November at the corner of Hyde Park in London.­

In addition, he wants to clean up the BBC and other state-funded wokenism”. Here he is not the only one. The BBC’s new leadership is already in place smoked opinions of journalists on social media.

“Economic? It’s a bit of a difficult area, I’m not an economist. I want to reduce the public sector, but so that the weakest are taken care of. ”

Reclaim party is the latest phenomenon in the so – called Cultural Wars, which have been raging for a long time in the United States and Britain. Cultural wars are about values ​​and beliefs and who is “good” and who is “evil”.

Britain has more than 60 million inhabitants, so Fox has spiritual followers. However, not all Followers like noise about themselves.

Opinion polls also did not show “shy” supporters of the Boris Johnson Conservative Party or “shy” supporters of Trump.

Laurence Fox with her cousin, actress Emilia Fox at a London club in November 2019 celebrating Laurence Fox’s latest album. The Foxes are a famous English actor family.­

Laurence Fox attended a memorial service for the fallen in London on 8 November. The red paper poppy, or Poppy, respects the memory of war veterans and war victims.­

Actor-activist Laurence Fox

Actor Laurence Fox (b. 1978) belongs to the English theater family Foxie.

Fox is best known for his role as James Hathaway in the police series Commissioner Lewis. Fox is also a musician and songwriter.

He is founding a new right-wing party, Reclaim, that promotes British values ​​and opposes political correctness.

Fox has been married to actress Billie Piper. The couple, who divorced in 2016, have two sons.


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