Britain Queen Elizabeth is ordered to rest for “at least two weeks”

The queen’s health has been a cause for concern since it was revealed last week that the queen has spent the night in the hospital.

United queen of the kingdom Elizabeth has been ordered to rest for “at least two weeks,” according to Reuters.

According to Reuters, the matter was reported by Buckingham Palace.

Queenly health has been a concern since last week revealedthat the queen has spent the night in the hospital. Initially, there was no desire to make hospital visits public. According to the British Press Association, the reason for the secrecy was that the visit was supposed to be urgent. In addition, there was a desire to protect the Queen’s privacy.

It was reported on Tuesday that Queen Elizabeth would not attend the Glasgow Climate Summit for health reasons. In the second week, the Queen canceled her trip to Northern Ireland. Earlier this month, he was seen for the first time using a walking stick.

Several British media reported earlier this month that doctors had urged the 95-year-old queen to stop drinking. According to British media, the queen has been in the habit of drinking one martini in the evenings.

A few days ago, the British media also reported that the Queen has been asked as early as September to quit the riding hobby. According to media reports, however, the queen is going to ride the horse again, as long as she has rested enough.

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