Britain Police admitted to abducting and raping Sarah Everard, who had disappeared in London

The case of Sarah Everard in March sparked a great deal of attention and debate about violence against women both in Britain and internationally.

In Britain police Wayne Couzens has admitted that he was abducted and raped Sarah Everardin, reported by the BBC.

Everard, 33, disappeared while walking home in south London on March 3rd. His body was found in the woods about 80 miles from London on 10 March. The case attracted widespread attention both in the UK and beyond.

Couzens also admitted responsibility for Everard’s death. However, he has not yet been asked for an answer to the murder charge. The right is still awaiting medical examinations. An autopsy revealed pressure or compression in the neck area as the cause of death.

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The disappearance of Everard sparked a debate over men’s violence against women and sparked protests. The case also encouraged many women write about their own experiences and fears of walking alone at night.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s administration promised to improve the situation, including better street lighting and more police oversight.



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