Britain New proposal from Britain over Northern Ireland dispute – EU even prepares for trade war after Brexit crisis

Britain warned the EU against making a “historic miscalculation” at the expense of stability in Northern Ireland. In EU countries, the new British requirements are very annoying.

Britain announced on Tuesday that it had sent the European Union a new draft text that it would like to replace the country’s EU separation, ie the brexit agreement for Northern Ireland, the AFP news agency said.

The British announcement was made by the Brexit minister David Frostin a speech in Lisbon on Tuesday, in which he said that the agreement needs to be renegotiated to a significant extent, because otherwise the people of Northern Ireland will never be allowed to accept the EU-Britain arrangement.

Frost renewed his previous threat that Britain might unilaterally withdraw from an agreement he was himself negotiating at the time. He warned the EU against making a “historic miscalculation” that would threaten the stability of Northern Ireland.

The Additional Protocol to the original British-EU agreement allows for “safeguard measures” in the event of serious ongoing economic, social or environmental difficulties or changes in trade flows for a party.

According to Northern Irish, trade in goods between Britain and Northern Ireland has become more difficult due to the terms of the EU-Britain Brexit Agreement.

British Brexit Minister David Frost left the podium at the Conservative Party’s annual meeting in Manchester last Monday.

Britannian demands for changes to the new conditions are a major annoyance for EU countries and Brussels decision-makers.

Vice-President of the EU Commission for Brexit Maroš Šefčovičin presented his own proposal on how the agreement on Northern Ireland could be modified at a press conference on Wednesday evening.

According to Šefčovič’s proposal, the EU would remove customs controls on 80% of consumer goods imported into Northern Ireland from Britain. However, Commission officials immediately suspected that the offer to Britain was not enough.

“This is not a take-or-leave offer,” Šefčovič said The Guardian by.

Politico news site by there’s another “D-Day” or H-moment on hand when it comes to Brexit. The British voted to resign from the EU on 23 June 2016, but the process has not yet finished in five years.

Commission the proposal is intended to propose, for example, reductions in customs formalities and trade in food and medicine between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

According to Politico, some EU countries are even preparing for a trade war if British demands become excessive. “If the British want to play hard, we will play too,” the EU diplomat had told Politico.

Frost in turn warned last week that if the EU embarked on a trade war with Britain, the country would respond to it “firmly”.

Britain’s demands include, for example, that in disputes concerning Northern Ireland, the EU Court of Justice would no longer have jurisdiction, as previously agreed. This demand is hardly accepted on the EU side.

Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission for Brexit.

Britain and the EU fit as part of the Brexit Agreement, that Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, like England, Scotland and Wales, will remain, mutatis mutandis, in the EU customs union and internal market. Thus, the Brexit did not create a customs border between Northern Ireland and the EU country Republic of Ireland.

However, the solution came at a price: a new customs border was created between Northern Ireland and Britain on the Irish Sea, ie within the United Kingdom.

In Northern Ireland, the situation has caused outrage and fear even of a new war. Last spring, paramilitary organizations of British extremist groups, the Loyalists, announced their withdrawal from the 1998 Northern Ireland Peace Agreement.

The protester called for the suspension of the EU-Britain Brexit Agreement to “save peace” in the Northern Irish capital, Belfast, in mid-September.


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