Britain In Britain, suffering from accelerating inflation, bankers will receive the biggest bonuses since the financial crisis – “A blow to workers’ belts ”

Inflation in Britain is at its highest level in almost 30 years.

In Britain Many bankers will receive the biggest bonuses this year since the 2008 financial crisis, the British newspaper says The Guardian. The background is a successful year for the banking sector and growing and intense competition for skilled employees.

The four largest banks in London are expected to pay bonuses to bankers totaling more than £ 4bn, or around € 4.8bn, in the coming weeks.

This money comes in particular from commissions from various mergers and acquisitions, as Americans, among others, have recently embarked on buying undervalued British companies. According to the Guardian, banks have made the biggest gains since the pre-financial crisis.

In the process as London bankers celebrate their big bonuses at local champagne bars, most Britons are suffering a rapid rise in the cost of living. According to the Guardian, inflation is at its highest level in almost 30 years.

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Secretary-General of the TUC, a trade union federation with some 5.6 million members Frances O’Grady said bankers ’giant bonuses were“ an insult to the families of British workers ”.

“When millions are struggling with the cost of living, leading bankers get another jackpot,” he told the Guardian.

Similarly, a representative of GMB, a general trade union representing about 600,000 employees Gary Smith described the bankers ’giant bonuses as a“ blow to the workers ’belt”.

Fresh according to forecasts Inflation in the UK is expected to rise to around 8 per cent in April, from 5.5 per cent in January. The forecast is based on, among other things, the ever-increasing energy bills of households.

If the forecast materializes, inflation would be higher than in the United States, where it accelerated in December to seven percent that is, at its strongest in nearly 40 years.

Bankers According to the Guardian, the big bonuses were criticized, especially because the Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey has recently been in public hoped the British to refrain from asking for wage increases to curb inflation.

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“Important employees, such as caregivers, often earn just over the minimum wage. Mr. Bailey should step out of his bank bubble and monitor these workers to see who really deserves a decent pay rise, ”Smith of GMB told the Guardian.

According to statistics released on Tuesday, earnings in the UK public sector rose 2.6 per cent in October-December last year, while earnings in the corporate and financial sectors rose 8.1 per cent over the same period, mainly due to rising bonuses.

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