Britain G7 leaders met in Britain and protesters reminded them of a natural emergency

Leaders meeting in Cornwall, Britain, were expected to promise a billion coroner vaccines to poor countries.

World a meeting of seven leading industrialized countries, the so-called G7, began on Friday in Cornwall, Britain. Leaders from each of the G7 countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan, arrived.

The recent president of the United States Joe Biden embarked on his first trip abroad and now, for the first time during his presidency, meets face-to-face with representatives of his closest allies.

India, South Korea and Australia have also been invited to join this time. Later, Biden still meets the Russian president on Swiss soil Vladimir Putin.

Celtic and protesters had also arrived at the summit in the small town of St. Ives on the Atlantic coast. Their main message to decision makers was concern about the state of nature and the demand to do something about it.

Under the British presidency, one of the main themes of the G7 summit has been to respond to climate change and halt the loss of nature.

Most of the discussions at the G7 meeting will take place behind closed doors, but joint decisions will be announced later.

On Friday, leaders were expected to promise to donate a billion coroner vaccines to poor countries.

“Don’t disappoint him,” nature documentary filmmaker Sir David Attenborough read on a sign carrying a protester on Friday in Cornwall, Britain. The meeting of G7 leaders attracted a large number of protesters to the streets.

Protesters worried about climate change are demanding planting trees, rescuing bees and clearing the seas.

Climate activists were dressed in black dreadlocks.

At least more than 500 protesters had arrived in St. Ives, British BBC reports.

The British Extinction Rebellion activist group signaled that the destruction of nature could lead to new pandemics.

In a demonstration by the aid organization Oxfam, G7 leaders argued over the coroner vaccine.

The British Extinction Rebellion activist group protested against oil company Shell.

St. Ives is a small village of ten thousand people on the Atlantic coast

The little girl was playing on the beach during a climate activist demonstration in Fallmouth near St. Ives.



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