Britain Britain’s large pub chain is having difficulty getting beer – partly due to driver shortages Brexit, strongly supported by the chain’s founder

Many large players have regretted the shortage in both food and drink.

In Britain a huge pub chain JD Wetherspoon has reported a beer shortage in his pubs. According to the company, both Carling and Coors beers are not available in all pubs in the chain due to delivery difficulties.

Both the pandemic and the shortage of professional drivers following Britain’s EU secession have affected supplies to large restaurants and grocery stores.

Wetherspoon has blamed the deficit on the chain’s drivers, Heineken, the chain’s largest supplier. According to Molson Coors, which manufactures Carling and Coors, the supply difficulties are due to a nationwide driver shortage.

Many large companies in the UK say the driver shortage is caused by brexit, as new immigration rules have hampered recruitment in the logistics sector. In addition, many foreign workers have returned to their home countries due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fast-food restaurant chains Nando’s, KFC and McDonald’s have reported temporary deficits in both food and beverages.

The Road Haulage Association (RHL), which represents the road transport industry, has warned of a critical shortage of around 100,000 truck drivers. RHL has appealed to policymakers to allow short-stay visas for foreign drivers.

Founder of Wetherspoon Tim Martin was prominently present in Britain’s campaign for EU secession. He has said he does not believe the widespread allegations that Brexit would be detrimental to the country’s economy.



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