Britain Britain attended a quiet moment in memory of Prince Philip and followed the funeral remotely: See a summary of the funeral day

Prince Philip was taken on his last trip to Windsor, England, on Saturday. The funeral was celebrated amid extensive security and corona efforts. A minute of silence was also held in Britain in memory of the prince.

Britannian prince Philipin a blessing ceremony was held today in west London at Windsor Castle Church, or St George’s Chapel.

Britain was silent for a moment in the afternoon to honor the memory of Prince Philip, while a blessing in the St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle began.

Prince Philip’s coffin was transferred from Windsor Castle on a Land Rover ride to the chapel where the actual blessing began. The prince was lowered to his last resting place just before evening.

Philip died at the age of 99 a week ago on Friday. Due to strict coronavirus restrictions, a maximum of 30 guests can attend the funeral. Initially, the list of participants consisted of 800 people.

See a summary of the funeral day:

The woman fluttered the British flag near London’s Wellington Arch on Prince Philip’s funeral day.­

Police were walking among media representatives in the Windsor Castle area. Prince Philip’s funeral included extensive security and corona measures.­

Soldiers from the Queen’s personal bodyguard marched in Windsor before the start of Prince Philip’s Funeral.­

Prince Charles and Princess Anne, Charles’ sister, are preparing to attend Prince Philip’s funeral procession in Windsor.­

The British flag fluttered in a child’s riotous reading outside Windsor Castle during Prince Philip’s Funeral.­

People attended a minute of silence in Windsor in memory of Prince Philip.­

A minute of silence was held in Britain in honor of the memory of Prince Philip. Cold pool swimmers attended a quiet moment at Brockwell Lido’s swimming pool in London.­

Queen Elisabeth II arrived in her royal Bentley car at Prince Philip’s funeral. Elisabeth has been a queen for over 69 years and she has been married to Philip for over 70 years.­

Soldiers of the Royal Marines carried Prince Philip’s coffin to St. George’s Cathedral. The coffin bearers stopped on the steps of the cathedral for a moment of silence.­

The quiet moment was also attended by Luton Town and Watford Football players in a game played in Luton.­

The soldier stood in front of the flower sea at Prince Philip’s funeral ceremony.­

In Windsor, funerals held in sunny weather were also monitored remotely.­

People watched Prince Philip’s funeral on his picnic in Windsor.­

Police are standing in Windsor in front of a plaque honoring the memory of Prince Philip.­

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