Brexit | French fishermen plan to block the English Channel tunnel as a “warning shot” for Britain

Britain and France have been arguing over fishing rights in the English Channel since Brexit. In the midst of the controversy, the countries are also trying to find a common solution to the migrant situation after nearly 30 migrants seeking to drown in England drowned in the canal.

French fries fishermen plan to block the transport of cargo in the canal tunnel in england for several hours on friday. In addition, they plan to block ferry traffic to three northern French ports.

French fishermen are demonstrating their fishing rights, according to the French National Fisheries Commission (CNPMEM), the news agency AFP.

On the coast of the English Channel are three French territories: Brittany, Lower Normandy and Pas-de-Calais. The protest of French fishermen extends to all of them when ferry traffic is blocked in the ports of Saint-Malo, Ouistreham and Calais.

French Chairman of the National Fisheries Committee Gérard Romiti has called the protest a “warning shot” for Britain.

Britain and France have been embroiled in disputes over fishing rights since Britain’s secession from the EU, or brexit. At worst, controversy has threatened to escalate into a full-scale trade war that would already have an impact on the EU as a whole.

French fishermen are disappointed that Britain has not granted them more extensive fishing rights since Brexit. Fishermen say their patience is running out.

In May 2021, French fishermen demonstrated in their boats near the island of Jersey, which belonged to Britain but was off the coast of France.

The gap between France and Britain has also been eroded by the fact that the British entered into an agreement with the United States and Australia for the manufacture of nuclear submarines, which left France aside.

Britain has expressed disappointment with French fishermen ‘s threat to block the Channel Tunnel and ports, according to Reuters. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson A spokesman said Thursday that it is the responsibility of the French authorities to ensure that trade in the canal is not disrupted.

“We are disappointed with the threats to hold demonstrations. It is clear that it is up to France to ensure that no illegal activities take place and that trade is not disrupted. But we will continue to monitor the situation closely, ”he said.

The migrants were rescued from the English Channel on Wednesday 24 November.

In Britain and France now has more reasons than usual to stay on track. The countries share a common concern about the canal that separates them: 27 people drowned in the canal on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the countries called for a common coordinated solution from Europe to end the smuggling of migrants in the canal.

Wednesday’s accident was the deadliest since the English Channel became a major route for migrants in 2018. Those killed in the accident included a pregnant woman and three children, according to a British newspaper The Guardian.

The President of France Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the topic over the phone on Wednesday. Macron declaredthat the canal should not become a cemetery.

The Prime Minister of France Jean Castex held a crisis meeting on Thursday where he discussed new measures with ministers. He has also invited British, Belgian, Dutch and German immigration ministers to a meeting on Monday.

The mood of the negotiations could be affected if French fishermen block the port of Calais on Friday.

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