Brazil | A guard beaten a dark-skinned man to death in Brazil, an act that caused thousands to protest around the country

In a statement issued on Friday, a local unit in the French Carrefour chain apologized for the man’s death.

In the south In Porto Alegre, Brazil, a dark-skinned man was beaten to death on Thursday by a trade guard.

According to Reuters, a widespread video recording of the violent assault on social media caused thousands of Brazilians to protest against what happened around the country.

Cable news channel GloboNews reported that according to Rio Grande do Sul State Military Police, the chain of events began when a Carrefour grocery store employee called the security shop after the man behaved threateningly in the store. Upon arriving at the scene, the guard hit the man several times in the face area while the guard of the second movement held him in place.

News site G1 later reported that a preliminary analysis by the Brazilian Institute of Forensic Engineering showed that the cause of death could have been suffocation.

Protesters in São Paulo on Friday.­

Demonstrations in addition to Porto Alegre, has been seen in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, according to Reuters.

In Porto Alegre, protesters handed out stickers on Friday afternoon with the Carrefour logo covered in blood and demanded a boycott of the chain. The protesters also saw flags that read “Black Lives Matter” in Portuguese and demands for justice for the victim.

Peaceful protests escalated into violence on Friday night as protesters broke windows and transport vehicles in the store’s parking lot. According to Reuters, police responded to the protesters’ riot with tear gas.

In São Paulo, dozens of protesters stoned the front windows of a local Carrefour store, broke in and poured products into the aisles of the store.

In Rio de Janeiro, on the other hand, about 200 screaming protesters gathered in front of a local Carrefour store to demonstrate.

Protesters blocked car access to a supermarket in Rio.­

French In a statement issued on Friday, the local unit of the Carrefour chain said it deplored the brutal death and would take immediate action to ensure that those responsible for the case were brought to justice.

In its press release, the local unit also said that it had terminated the contract of the company in charge of guarding the retail space and that it had dismissed the employee in charge of the store at the time of the incident.

According to the press release, the store was closed after the incident in honor of the victim of the assault who died.

According to official data from the country in 2019, black Brazilians are almost three times more likely to be victims of murder than other locals.

The riots spread to many cities in Brazil on Friday. The picture is from São Paulo.­


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