Boxing Tyson Fury says mental health problems have led to devastating thoughts: “No one can go deeper than I was”

The WBC Heavyweight Champion wants to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Boxing WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury has been openly talking about the mental health problems he has faced for years.

Recently, he has raised the issue again. Underlying this is a desire to increase discussion and understanding of mental health problems.

“The more people talk about the topic, the more awareness spreads,” Fury says in a video he shared on Instagram.

In the video, Fury talks about the feelings of loneliness and alienation she has experienced since childhood. Back then, he just didn’t understand what it was all about.

“I’ve known all my life that something is wrong.”

Boxing has brought success, but it has not protected him from trouble. In 2015, Fury faced Wladimir Klitschkon in a match betting on the WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight championships.

Fury won the match, after which he went three years in deep water. The boxer struggled with depression, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.

“You can’t get lower than I was and here I am, telling my story and inspiring people around the world,” Fury says in his second Instagram update.

In December 2020, Fury described Big issue to mental health problems as a constant struggle that never ends.

“People say oh you have mental health problems, you can get over them. I haven’t beaten it, I’ve just learned how to cope with it better than before. ”

In an interview, Fury also recalls that anyone can suffer from mental health problems.

“Even if you’re a positive person, it can force you to your knees. I also wanted to show that anyone can get up. ”



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