Boxing Muhammad Ali’s grandson is a professional boxer – Grandfather promoter and Tyson Fury coach in the background

Nico Ali Walsh debuted as a professional in August.

Boxing legend Muhammad Alin filial Rasheda Alin the boy will make his professional debut on Aug. 14, he says BBC.

Nico Ali Walsh, 20, has signed a contract with an American promoter Bob Arumin who once also served as a promoter for Muhammad Ali.

“I am honored to continue my grandfather’s legacy. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly,” Ali Walsh says.

Ali Walsh has also shared his professional career at Instagram.

Muhammad Ali won the World Boxing Heavyweight Championship three times.

Ali was also a human rights activist and a person who evoked emotions inside and outside the ring.

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Known as “The Greatest,” the boxer died in 2016 after a long illness with Parkinson’s.

Top Rank Arum, the founding member of the stable, first promoted Muhammad Alia in 1966.

“Nico’s grandfather was a pretty good fighter. Who would have thought that so many years later we would be promoting his grandson’s professional debut,” Arum says.

Arum hopes the grandson will step on the successful traces of the legend.

“He has a great character, which can be expected from Muhammad Ali’s grandson.”

Business Ali Walsh, who is finishing his studies, has about 30 amateur matches in the background.

His background team also includes Sugar Hill Steward, known as the WBC Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Furyn coach.

Skysports in an interview, Ali Walsh says that in the earliest hall memories, Grandpa was by his side.

“I just hung out in the gym with my grandfather. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is everyone’s idol. ”

Ali Walsh has published an old co-portrait with his grandfather on Instagram.

The descendants of Muhammad Ali have followed the example of the boxing legend in the past.

Daughter of Muhammad Ali Laila Ali won the WBC World Cup, and did not lose a single match in his boxing career.



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