Boxing Mira Potkonen’s Olympic qualifiers were disrupted by a difficult spring – The trip to Tokyo continues inwardly: “I hope life would treat me well”

Mira Potkonen expects to enter international camps.

Boxer Mira Potkonen was eliminated from the Paris Olympic qualifiers on Sunday. He lost to the tournament in the opening match with all the judging votes for Britain To Caroline Dubois.

“It went towards honk,” Potkonen, who has returned from France, describes the match.

Potkonen says that spring was a difficult time for him. It affected the preparation for the match and thus also the outcome. The ring saw an insecure athlete who had no credit for his own doing

“This spring has been challenging for a variety of reasons, I haven’t gotten the kind of preparation I would have liked and it showed in everything. I didn’t get to train the world with the tops, and I didn’t get the feeling that everything was okay. ”

Afterwards Potkonen has pondered how important all the little things are for preparation.

“When they know they’ve trained well, received and done everything they can, they make a strong foundation for becoming confident in what they’re doing.”

The current coronavirus situation has hampered top-level sports at the international level for all athletes, but Potkonen’s difficulties are not just related to that.

“There have been various challenges without further specification. My own challenges. ”

At the moment, Potkonen’s things are on a better model, and the boxer will not allow anything to interfere with the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics. He hopes to get to international camps soon and prepare “as a top athlete belongs”.

“I hope there won’t be any more things that life would treat me well. Everything is now well and in order, different things from behind and they have just taught and nurtured the guts. It’s life, everything happens in life. ”

Elimination despite this, Potkonen, which is at the top of the European rankings, still has a good chance of reaching the Olympics. One European boxer will be awarded a place based on a ranking.

“The Olympic Committee will publish the final ranking on 14 June and confirm the winners of the Olympic venue on 25 June. In principle, the ranking should show who gets the place, ”Vice-President of the Boxing Association Anna Laukkanen says.

Dubois, who dropped from Potkonen’s sequel, is a young promise who has won the Youth Olympics and achieved the World Championships and the European Championships in young people. He has already won an Olympic place in France.

Potkonen won Finland’s only medal at the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics in 2016, when he reached bronze in his series.

There were 12 contestants in Rio Potkonen’s series, and 20 contestants will be admitted to the series in Tokyo.

“A tougher contract is ahead,” says Potkonen.



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