Boxing Boxing was sidelined when Youtube star Jake Paul knocked out a former freestyle wrestler

Jake Paul played for the third time.

Boxing entertainment matches have grown in popularity in recent years. Former boxing stars return to the ring, like Mike Tyson or the contestants are quite different from the boxing professionals.

On Saturday in Atlanta, a Youtube star stepped into the ring Jake Paul and a former freestyle wrestler Ben Askren. The match lasted only a minute and 59 seconds: Paul knocked out Askren. Paul was estimated to have earned $ 500,000 (€ 417,000) from the match.

“I told you I was the right contestant. I am a practical training for four months every day, “Paul said after the match BBC’s by.

Paul wasn’t in the ring for the first time, but previous matches, if any, didn’t give any picture of his skills. In his two previous matches, he has beaten another tubettan Ali Eson Gibin and a former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Although Askren is a former freestyle wrestler, he is better known in freestyle wrestling for his wrestling skills than for boxing attacks.

The match there was more noise around than in the match itself. Among other things, they arrived at the scene Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber and the Black Keys before the match, Ice Cube and Doja Cat. In addition, the ring was reached with a robot.

After the match, Snoop Dogg claimed that he had beaten the $ 2 million freestyle bet on Paul’s behalf to UFC chairman Dana White with.

“Take care of my money, Jake,” Snoopy Dogg said as Paul’s decisive blow set off.

Jake Paul has more to think about than boxing, as a Tiktok star Justine Paradise accuses him of sexual harassment that would have taken place in 2019 at Paul’s home in Los Angeles. Paul has denied the allegations.

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