Boxing A Canadian mother won a historic battle – the Olympic dream lives on: “This was the battle that mattered the most”

The International Olympic Committee did not take pregnancy into account in the rankings, but the Sports Arbitration Court ruled otherwise.

Canadian boxer Mandy Bujold has fought for the right to enter the Tokyo Olympics.

The boxer found himself in a difficult situation when the corona pandemic canceled the Olympic qualifiers and the pre-qualifying pregnancy affected the ranking points.

Bujold hoped the International Olympic Committee (IOC) could use pre-pregnancy rankings for her. Before pregnancy, Bujold was eighth in the world and second in the American rankings in the 51-pound series.

According to Bujold, the IOC did not respond to his letter, in which the boxer expressed his wish and that other boxers may be in the same situation.

The Canadian Sports Minister also appealed to the Olympic Committee not to penalize the athlete for motherhood.

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Eventually Bujould took the matter to the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS), which ruled that pregnant women or women who had given birth must be included in the eligibility criteria.

“My Olympic dream is still alive,” the 33-year-old boxer said.

“This was one of the biggest battles of my career, but also the battle that mattered the most. I stood for what I think is right and for my dream, for which I had worked so hard, ”Bujold said in a statement.

The decision is also relevant to many others. Bujold stresses that motherhood should not be an obstacle in sports.

“I am so proud that we have set a human rights precedent for female athletes. Now and for future generations.”

Legal battle was mentally exhausting, but Bujold has continued to train to be ready when the decision comes.

“My Olympic venue is not the main issue here. What matters is the recurring inequality in sport.”

In its statement, the Canadian Olympic Committee said it believed in gender equality in sport and was pleased with the decision the CAS made.

Bujold also talked about it on Instagram.



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