Border control The first-ever EU uniform was unveiled: the border agency Frontex introduced a new pattern

On Monday, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex presented the EU’s own uniform for border guards. It will be used in new joint forces.


On Monday, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex unveiled the first ever European Union border guard uniform. A blue uniform with an EU constellation on the sleeve badge was featured on the agency’s Twitter account.

For the first time since the beginning of this year, a permanent border and coast guard force has been set up for Frontex. In the past, each Member State has assigned its own border guards to Frontex.

Finland will also participate by sending officials to troops with a size of 10,000 border guards in 2027. According to the Ministry of the Interior, Finland’s share of the permanent force in 2021 will be eight long-term or two-year secondment, 72 short-term or four-month secondment and 30 emergency reserve.

Standing As part of the group, Finnish border guards can also end up in different EU member states. The purpose of the group is to support various EU countries in external border control. A permanent force can be sent to assist, for example, in rapid situations related to immigration and returns. There may also be activities outside the EU.

The new Frontex force could work, for example, in a situation where was seen last spring on the Greek-Turkish border. At that time, a large number of people sought the Greek side of Turkey. Greece requested assistance from Frontex, through which Finland also provided a patrol boat and border guards.

The new permanent force will be under the direct control of Frontex and will not require the approval of an individual Member State.


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