Book Review | The vibrant life of author Merete Mazzarella was interrupted and she could no longer enter Australia – so she ended up writing insights about her coronation year

Merete Mazzarella writes sharply about the way companies avoid their responsibilities during the corona, but the collection of essays would have longed for pruning.


Merete Mazzarella: From autumn to autumn (Från höst till höst.) Raija Rintamäki from Finland. Oak. 336 s.

A the reader said Merete to Mazzarella, had not read his book Mary Shelley and From Frankenstein. “I would rather wait until the right Mazzarella came,” the lady stated.

New book From autumn to autumn then probably the right Mazzarella for him. At least if it means that Mazzarella is full enough about his own life and thoughts.

At first, there is enough buzz: presentations, training, book fairs, meetings of relatives… until Korona comes and cuts off almost everything.

Korona doesn’t also good for the book. Mazzarella prepares a conscientious corona review and reports on news reviews. The events are still in such a fresh memory that they could have been pruned without worries.

Although very journalistic, its dominant theme is aging and related perceptions and perceptions. Mazzarella (b. 1945), for example, ponders that a publisher may let him down just because the author is already so old.

If I had been a publisher, in addition to pruning, I would have suggested nostalgia as the theme of the book, as Mazzarella writes a sharp page about it. Nostalgia has many facets. Is it a longing for a place rather than a thing of the past?

And reflections on aging and the corona would fit into the same autumn. The latter From autumn to autumn experiencing is also for Mazzarella largely a longing for what just happened.

The book is, of course read as is. Mazzarella writes sharply about the way companies avoid their responsibilities, even spreading lies. He has every reason to be indignant at the treatment of those over the age of 70 at the beginning of the Korona period. His reflections on the passage of time and the sufficiency of strength arouse sympathy.

Even a little envy. It is a rare active and lively person.

The idyll of Ekenäs’ second home with its neighbors remains even during the corona, and the husband is a philosopher. Even a man’s reflections are little heard, although there could be more dialogue between the spouses.

Maybe you can’t meet Australia to meet friends or meet grandchildren living in the US? Mazzarella complains about this, eventually generously admits his privileged position and recalls as a counterweight to many of the world’s problems.

As far as the book itself is concerned, the only privilege is still to publish a text that gets free in the coves here and there. Mazzarella only published his previous essay work just over a year ago. In the new book, he states that because of the corona, he has already almost forgotten the whole book.

The corona could probably write without repeating what everyone else knows and hear. Distance would have been needed. And that harsh publisher.

The weakness of the diary-like text is that Mazzare often bases his ideology on what he happens to see on television or what book he has just read.

That’s how good remarks are made, of course. And for many readers, this is probably the “right Mazzare”. But yes, he can do better.

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