Book Review | Seppo Jokinen’s detective draws puzzles and situations in a credible, humorous way

The second plot of Seppo Jokinen’s police novel hits the finish line in a sadly topical way.


Seppo Jokinen: Winged. Crime Time. 373 s.

The most reliable and one of our most read detective writers is Seppo Jokinen (b. 1949). A police novel from Tampere, who only made his debut in the middle ages, drops a police novel once a year, a crop of a year. And since the series began as early as 1996, the 26th work was completed this year. That’s the same as the number in the Iijoki series.

The peace of Easter of Commissioner Sakari Koskinen and his criminal team will be broken when birdwatchers on Sunday morning report a man shot in the shores of Lake Iidesjärvi. The Tampere police station, the legendary Sor, will soon have noise. Except for the murder investigation, Winged-roman also winds a parallel plot of two teenage youngsters. But are the cases in any way related?

Suspected murder motives seem to have a sudden turn of financial interests. Even more surprising is that the name and address of Koskinen can be found on a piece of paper in the pocket of the shot, and the commissioner lives in the neighboring Nekala. If the escaped man (police ex-client) had tried to get to Koskinen in distress, then why.

Jokinen dispenses riddles floating on the fringes of murder. Also, the additional plot, which was run in its own numbers, the father’s and the son’s smuggling trip from Central Europe to Finland, throws more dim fog over the overall picture. And all the more so as a pattern of a young girl and boy who remains a detached path for a long time.

Hard-working criminal investigators are the collective protagonist of the Koskis novels. Their interrelationships – pressures, frictions, character differences – radiate into action and results just like in any close-knit workforce.

Jokinen draws puzzles and situations credibly, and with humorous strokes. Although it should be complained that the liters of coffee consumed by the group cause stomach symptoms already when reading the book.

The private life of Sakari Koskinen and Constable Ulla Lundell exudes shabby relationship uncertainty, perhaps under the eruption. Koskisen’s ex-wife takes intimacy.

The novel towards the end, the amok run of teenagers is gaining more and more ground – and is getting explanations. Jokinen’s current themes are screaming without flirting and directly, and yet empathetically. Without the papers of a criminologist, it can be said that one has a serious artery of time. There are more and more wingers, and of course each one too.

Following his ways, the author at times criticizes the life of the city with its general directions. A more mature man from Tampere distracts Koskinen: “Everywhere an attractive city is glowed, there are trams and male slave arenas all over the world, but at the same time five are sung about the death of a unique bird lake.”

Winged fills its place; good quality, not too homogeneous. And Sakari Koskinen is an institution, he is no longer treated in the same way as changing novel characters. Next autumn, this Tampere Wallander will also frown in a TV series.



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