Book Review | Novelli was already disappearing from the publishers’ program, but at the latest now Marko Järvikallas is saving the traditional species

Dramaturg’s second collection of short stories is about taking on mysterious impulses.

Short stories

Marko Järvikallas: Say something beautiful. Siltala. 278 s.

Is a human free will? The answer seems to be a matter of faith. Marko Järvikallas at least the short stories do not emphasize the individual as a free, sovereign actor.

Their characters follow impulses and go and according to mysterious, invisible influencers.

Järvikallas published his debut short story last year. It is already the turn of the second collection Say something beautiful. It wasn’t until a few years ago that there were fears that short stories would disappear from the publishers ’program altogether.

Järvikallas, who has already convinced his firstborn, will improve the situation by offering ten more concise and surprising short stories. This time, too, we start from everyday life, now we only move more boldly into something strange and enigmatic.

From the first Järvikallas stretches the feeling of alienation familiar from his book even further.

The short stories present riddles: why a man who misses his wife says he visited him. Traces are visible. Or why, after a fire alarm, the narrator character just goes on a crying stranger’s journey. How can a healer really heal?

There is always some basic family pattern on the bottom. Like an adult, a depressed boy that his mother seeks to contact but remains in the traps of his exe’s memory.

The idea, of course, is that the reader is allowed to guess, to think about alternatives, no matter how many clues are given. Sometimes they are not given at all.

Initially Järvikallas new short stories seem to take distance from their personalities at first.

The going is pretty calcareous when the couple in the opening short story get enchanted by their new security cameras. They are intended to look at how the dog overcomes an obstacle during the working day. They can also spy on how visiting neighbors behave and what they themselves look like.

There is a need to influence the life of a neighboring couple more broadly.

A different grip and warm internal friction is in the short story. which depicts a boy’s wilderness journey to get lost. The story is already moving in the direction of the horror story, however, relying on the boy’s growth into a more mature figure than the father.

The boy is timid, not a harsh man’s beginning. He is just under the arbitrariness of circumstances, like everyone else. In Järvikallas’ short stories, the sensitive may not inherit the land, however, quite a lot. At least the ability to experience more deeply.

There is one too a boy whose sister claims her boyfriend is a healer in the best short story in the book. There is a challenge for an adult who is going to be a private detective.

“I am above desires and sudden decisions,” the boy states. However, it seems to be more a reaction to the impulsive world than an indication of the independence of reality.

There is no such thing in these short stories. They tell how people, even siblings, stay alien to each other. Some strange force takes them elsewhere, brings them together again. Life cannot be controlled.

Lake shore instead has complete control over Novell’s means and is able to modify them. As a playwright, he knows how to create a conflict, leave it to muck, or resolve it.

Admittedly, there are a couple of modest short stories involved, and in some cases the ending could have been developed a little further, even though the idea is that people’s actions are not over-explained.

On the other hand, that is why these novls radiate strange comfort and understanding. Healing is also possible as long as you don’t keep the threads too tight and try to rule the world around you.



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