Book Review | Among the Finlandia candidates for fiction, there is one who does not belong there, says a critic of HS: “In its still life, a rigid and old-fashioned hypocritical narrative”

In the description of intolerance and growth, one is constantly on the brink of deep movement.


Anne Vuori-Kemilä: Black ice. Karisto. 297 s.

I saw fiction The jury that selected the Finlandia Prize nominees justified Anne Vuori-Kemilän novel Black ice naming just over two weeks ago:

“The repressive pressure of exceptional individuals in the community, the Finnish culture of speech that leans towards silence, the emotional locks of the years and mental health problems. Vuori-Kemilä’s subjects are heavy, but he describes his people who have been hit by the world with fair warmth and love, turning them into flesh and blood with the skill of a writer. ”

I was delighted. Have made a discovery. Karisto, who has published books for well over a hundred years, won the award for the first time in his 37-year history.

After reading the book, I can only wonder why I got it anyway?

Mentioned by the jury “Warmth and love” I sign yes. It is not uncommon for an author to care about his or her personalities.

At the beginning of the story, two apparently peacefully deceased people are found in the bedroom.

Then we move back in time twenty years, and that couple is seen through the eyes of a growing boy in the courtyard. The open-minded child sees two gentle and interesting characters, while the adults who locked in their attitudes, in turn, mostly pollute, the difference.

The narrative advancing on perspective technology gradually opens up the background of the female couple and raises the boy into adulthood. Hardly anyone has easy moments. The requirements for Community harmonization are overwhelming.

Instead of a certificate I don’t understand about turning into “skill into flesh and blood”.

Black ice is a rigid and old-fashioned supersensible narrative from beginning to end in its still life. In places, humorous wording does not blow fresh air into the stagnation of the world of the work.

Inter-femininity as a topic is not enough when the internal processes of individuals remain mostly external in the description. That is where the “writer’s skill” mentioned by the jury would be needed.

We are constantly on the verge of deep movement.

I like such works. But for the jury of Finland’s best-known literary prize, that preference is not an honor.

All three Finlandia Prizes for Literature will be awarded next Wednesday 25.11.


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