Bombings against Chernigov left 53 dead in 24 hours, local leader says

Image of the city, posted on Facebook by the head of the Special Administration for the region, Viacheslav Chaus| Photo: Reproduction Facebook

Bombings attributed to Russian troops against the city of Chernigov, in northern Ukraine, left at least 53 dead in the last 24 hours. The balance of the head of the Special Administration of the region, Viacheslav Chaus, was released this Thursday (17) by the news agency Ukrinform.

“The enemy is exposing the city to systemic artillery and air strikes, destroying the civilian infrastructure of Chernigov,” the political leader said in a Facebook post.

Despite the continuous bombing, teams of electricians and other public service workers are constantly working in the city, according to the report of the regional leader. The objective is to restore the supply of electricity, gas and water. Claus advised that all people in the city who have taken refuge in places where there are no basic services, seek shelter in Ukrainian military centers.

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The local leader also recalled an attack on the city against a group of people queuing to buy bread, in which 13 people died.

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