Bodybuilding Jari Mentula’s heart betrayed and the countdown began, he still does not regret the use of hormones: “My biggest dream is that the boys can carry me to the grave”

In his book, Jari “Bull” Mentula tells how the end wall of life came against. The cause of heart problems may be the use of hormones, but he does not regret anything.

Third once, and an electric shock calms the heart.

The arrhythmia is over, but further studies Jari “Bull” in Mentula severe heart failure is diagnosed. The life expectancy given by a cardiologist is crushing: one to three years.

It’s December 2019. Just a week after Mentula’s mother has died of cancer. From these starting points begins Marika Lehto written by Year of the Bull-book. Little by little, the book opens up how the situation has been ended, while telling Mentula’s story more generally.

It is now a year and a half since we were diagnosed. Fortunately, the medication has been bitten and the heart has begun to recover.

The work has kept the entrepreneur busy: in the summer, Mentula opened a new gym in Tampere. Also wife Maru has become an entrepreneur and opened his own café. The children, on the other hand, have been on holiday from kindergarten.

It hasn’t been possible to go for a full night’s sleep lately. I have to ask: how are you?

“I’m fine. I’m pretty tired, I’ve been in a hurry and a lot of work. ”

The opening of the gym has kept Jari Mentula busy.

Continuing work, two small children at home and an athlete’s training schedule. No matter how you love all these aspects of life, the end result can be harsh.

Insomnia crept into Mentula’s life just over two years ago. At night the wife had to marvel at the empty space in bed, during the day a bad-winded man retreating to his own circumstances.

Coworkers no longer asked how you slept but did you sleep.

“When you’re sleeping for periods of a couple of weeks, a total of half a year so that a good night is its two, three hours, then it can’t be described as someone understanding it.”

Foggy days at work, even taking care of something small brought relief. It felt better than not being at home without being present to the wife and “little leaders,” as Mentula calls her two sons.

The only way Mentula could snooze a bit was by sitting at the kitchen table, leaning on a pile of pillows set on the table.

“When I went to his back or side, the pumping power of the heart was not enough to bring oxygen to the lungs. I felt suffocated. ”

Meni long before a defect was found in the heart. Prior to that, doctors put insomnia and other physical symptoms at the peak of panic disorder and depression.

Mentula did not identify with the diagnosis.

“But when nothing depressed me! Sure, the cleansing was off, but all was well. I started to get depressed by being told that I was depressed. ”

The final diagnosis with life expectancy was rude, but finally the cause of the symptoms became clear.

“The moment I got the verdict was immense relief. I finally got a concrete reason why I can and behave like this. There was an explanation for all that, it was a good thing. ”

On the other hand, the countable rest of his life put Mentula in front of a real place.

“It’s a bit of a thing that you or no one can understand it until you are told. You sit down and start thinking: what do I do a year? ”

The two of you in a family with a small child and two entrepreneurs, there is still enough momentum. However, after her experience, Mentula has decided that she is not going to take her dreams to the grave.

Everything that is feasible will be accomplished, and the latest will be taken care of by the offspring.

“My biggest dream right now is for the boys to be able to carry me to the grave. They can’t do it yet, but that I still have so many good years ahead that they can do it. ”

Against the background of ill health, Mentula sees the whole: relentless work and training. As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to quit work at a certain time.

Jari Mentula has learned to limit work and strives to avoid having to open the machine at home.

Mentula’s work as a fitness coach is a continuum to his own career. Mentula’s attitude towards sports has been quite absolute.

He practiced, was okay or not.

“It was very quick to return to the hall if it was badly sore. It burned candles really badly from both ends all the time. ”

Due to illness, Mentula was banned from training. Went ten months without training. It made the man mentally tough.

“It’s hard to accept when someone else takes a really important and beloved thing away from you. First comes health and then what you’ve been doing for well over 20 years. ”

Every the sport shapes its practitioner, but in bodybuilding it is the core of the whole sport. Countless hours have gone by in the gym scrambling for body lines and calculating the right amount of nutrition.

Becoming a big and strong Bull has required hard work.

When a 135-pound professional bodybuilder withers to a hundred pounds, it is difficult to identify oneself in the mirror.

“I was such a fair hundred-pound pretty thin guy.”

In the book, Mentula says that she hid her changed form inside big hoodies.

The experience has made it easier for him to better understand the relationship between external change and self-image. It is helpful in coaching work.

“I got a lot smaller, yeah, but maybe more in my own head.”

In the past, Jari Mentula trained for years in a competitive spirit, but now he enjoys being allowed to practice at all. “I train for myself, it’s important to me. And I still have certain things I want to look like. ” The picture shows Jari Mentula’s internship in 2015.

Previously Mentula trained for years in a competitive sense, when it was very visual. Now Mentula enjoys being allowed to practice at all.

Many have come to say that why no longer work out when screens in the sport are given and great experiences are gained. That’s a suggestion to make a lifestyle athlete boil.

“I train for myself, it’s important to me. And I still have certain things I want to look like. That’s damn just taking my case. ”

Mentula is now 45 years old. He has competed in power sports and bodybuilding. In the book, he still nurtures hopes for the stage, but at the moment, racing seems like a very unlikely option.

“If you talk about bodybuilding, you should never say no, but yes, it’s just a fact that there are so many other things in my life right now, and they seem to be coming all the time.”

In its kind Mentula has wanted the top, and he makes no secret of the fact that it has required more than oatmeal and protein powders. He talks openly about the use of hormones.

Just as Mentula is familiar with training and nutrition, he knows exactly this part of the sport. He is also aware of the risks.

Studies show that those who use anabolic steroids to build muscle are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The use of steroids can also damage the function of the heart muscle.

“I’ve been asking the doctors who treat me about whether that’s the reason, but can’t say that’s exactly it. Surely it has exposed, but whatever their ultimate effect is, no one can prove it. ”

The decision Mentula made use of hormones in his twenties. He says he has used the substances only as a cure and has accepted possible side effects such as infertility.

As a young person, many feel immortal, and starting a family may not be the first thing on their mind. The world can be different with the eyes of the forties.

“Am I regretting something? En. It was a conscious choice. The only thing I might have regretted is whether I will ever become a father. However, the end result is that I have made two great little leaders in a very traditional way. ”

Jari Mentula had accepted that he might never become a father because of the use of hormones. He made the decision to use hormones in his twenties. Now he has 2- and 4-year-old boys.

The bodybuilder emphasizes that it was not a whim but a considered and weighed choice. Therefore, the book does not riot with what has been used and in what way.

“I don’t want to be any opus. I’m not an advocate, by no means. ”

Thethat the hormones are used for fun without race intentions or indefinitely without breaks, Mentula does not understand.

In the book, he says hormones have caused some users mental addiction. Such that even without a cure, you have to sting yourself with saline.

Mentula himself never feels that he has been mentally dependent on them. While he doesn’t want to profile himself as an advocate for hormones, he doesn’t actually take quite the opposite line of interest.

“I chose that path, and I’ve been through it. Know what you are doing is my message. ”

Cardiac medication having received it at the end of the book, Mentula does not rule out the possibility that hormones could not yet be used. And so he does now, albeit on the doctor’s prescription.

“I’m on testosterone replacement therapy, I have lowered testosterone levels. I am already an old man. ”

Testosterone replacement therapy is primarily a drug treatment given to compensate for the decrease in testosterone production with age.

The association of anabolic steroid and testosterone abuse with hormonal disorders has also been proven in several scientific studies.

However, Mentula does not believe that the decline in testosterone levels was due to his own history of use.

“Let’s just say I have a lot of men my age as clients who have never uttered a word about hormones, and they still have the same level of tests, even lower than me.”

Known bodybuilders have talked about the use of hormones in public in the past. Sure, for example Arnold Schwarzeneggerin in the golden age, the use of hormones was not banned and their side effects were less well known.

In Finland, for example, a bodybuilder Tapani “Tape” Valkonen has reported having used a lot of doping substances in his career. He has also been convicted of aggravated doping offenses.

Yet when Mentula’s book is published, this is certainly the thing that comes out of the story.

How are you prepared for that?

“I have nothing to hide. I talked about this with one familiar reporter and asked if I was surprised that I had used hormones. Well no, he replied. That, how many Finns will this surprise? ”

Jari Mentula is known for talking about things directly. “I’ve got the kind of education that things have to be said as they are, whether they were bad or good.”



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