Board of Directors Who will become Minister of the Interior during Ohisalo’s parental leave? The Greens will meet to arrange portfolios, live broadcast at 4.15pm

Substitute arrangements will be decided at a meeting of the party delegation and the parliamentary group starting in the afternoon.

Green on Monday, the Minister of the Interior will decide on the division of ministerial tasks Maria Ohisalon during parental leave beginning in late autumn. The decision on the alternate arrangements will be made by the Greens’ party delegation and the parliamentary group, which will meet in Helsinki in the afternoon from half past five.

HS will show Ilta-Sanomat’s live broadcast of the meeting from 4.15 pm.

Vice-Chairman rising to the post of party chairman who will be vacated from Ohisalo Iiris Suomela has stated that he is available as Minister. According to Suomela, however, there is a view in the party that Ohisalo’s chairmanship and ministerial office will be divided between two people.

The position of Minister of the Interior has expressed interest at least Atte Harjanne, which was also considered a strong candidate for the position of party leader.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, Ohisalo would be nominating the chairman of the party’s parliamentary group Emma Karia new Minister of the Environment and Climate.

Yle He also says that Ohisalo would be nominating either the current Minister of the Environment as Minister of the Interior Krista Mikko or Ridge. Foreign minister Pekka Haavisto maintains the Foreign Minister’s portfolio, according to media reports.

According to Yle’s information, Mikkonen would not be willing to be the Minister of the Interior, but he is being persuaded to take up the position. The Haavisto – Harjanne – Kari ministerial group would be entirely Helsinki-based and would therefore not be expected to succeed in the party delegation.


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