Board of Directors Prime Minister Sanna Marin: The SDP has not discussed ministerial recycling

Iltasanomat said on Thursday that the SDP will recycle several ministers after the budget dispute.

Prime minister Sanna Marin denies that the SDP discussed the recycling of ministers.

Evening News reported on Thursdaythat the SDP will recycle ministers after the budget dispute.

“There has been no discussion of ministerial recycling in the SDP. Our ministers have done a good job, ”Marin says in a text message after HS asked Marin about it.

Evening News has speculated about recycling over the years that recycling is soon ahead, but so far the prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) has done nothing.

Even before Marin’s message, several SDP sources from HS said the news about recycling was not true.

Two sources in the HS say that Marin has been considering recycling at least several months ago, but has failed to do so.



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