Board of Directors New restrictions coming next week, due to a new variant of the coronavirus – according to HS, STM would like municipalities to increase restrictions

The Ministry of the Interior is preparing new travel restrictions.

Government is stepping up its efforts to prevent the spread of new and more acute coronavirus variants.

Government asked on Wednesday inter alia, the Ministry of the Interior to prepare a proposal to tighten border traffic. In addition to the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) and some other ministries are also preparing proposals for other necessary additional measures. They are scheduled to be discussed in government talks next week.

At Wednesday’s meeting, it was instructed that the Ministry of the Interior will make a proposal within the framework of the current legislation and the decision-making powers it has given to the Government. This means that the government is not yet introducing a stand-by law yet.

It is not known how extensive the travel restrictions and other tightenings on display are.

On Wednesday, STM proposed to the government that travel be restricted as much as possible so that as many passengers as possible could be tested at the borders.

HS: n according to the data, STM hopes that virtually all non-essential commuting will cease due to the conversion virus.

This was also referred to by the Prime Minister on Wednesday Sanna Marin (sd).

“It is now worth considering whether border controls should be further tightened, ie allowing only the necessary commuting, for example,” Marin said Wednesday.

Similar border decisions are already in place, at least in Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway.

HS: n According to the information, new rules for employees from Estonia are also being considered.

Currently, due to the weekly work between Finland and Estonia, there is no need to participate in tests or be quarantined. There are significantly more cases of coronavirus in Estonia than in Finland.

Of particular concern is also the busy border traffic between Sweden and Finland in the western North.

Government instructs municipalities and regional authorities to maintain at least the current restrictive measures for the time being. According to HS, STM would like municipalities to adopt even stricter guidelines.

Regarding the STM, it has been proposed to the government that the strictest restrictions on the spread phase be introduced in all areas. I saw this even if the area was only in the basic gear from the point of view of the infection situation.

No such instruction has yet been given.

Finland monitors the coronavirus situation using a three-point scale. On a scale, the basic stage is the best for the infectious disease situation, the spread stage the worst.

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STM: n hopes are not easy to get through, as many areas would rather want to reduce restrictions.

According to the HS, many areas are critical of, for example, the transfer of secondary education to distance learning.

“Finland must take forward-looking measures with all the possibilities that the current legislation already allows,” Kiuru said at a government press conference on Thursday.

The government also outlined on Thursday that the State Department is preparing to update the travel recommendations. The Department of Social Affairs and Health has been concerned about the Foreign Office’s travel recommendations, especially for Britain and Ireland. In these countries, a new variant of the coronavirus has become widespread.


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