Board of Directors Marin apologized for the turmoil at the Summer Beach event on Instagram

“I try to do my best to have a good chat connection in the future,” Marin said on Instagram.

14.10. 20:56

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) is With Instagram video commented on the financing of the cultural sector and the after-laundry of the event held in Kesäranta on Sunday.

The summer beach brought together, among others, music industry players. Marin says in her video that the event had a sincere goal.

“Have a discussion with the industry about the situation in the industry during the interest rate crisis, consult different actors and have a discussion with them,” Marin described.

However, an extensive aftercare was created at the event, which Marin regretted.

“Many participants have received completely unreasonable criticism. I’m really sorry about that. They brought out a message from the industry, and we heard them. We want this debate to build trust between the government and the cultural sector in the future and in the future. ”

Marin acknowledged that last week’s debate has not built that trust.

“I’m also sorry about that and I try to do my best to have a good conversation in the future. “


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