Board of Directors Finland will introduce strict travel restrictions next week – the government will decide on new restrictions on Friday

The construction industry wants business travel to be allowed but tests to be increased.

To Finland travel restrictions of about as severe as the spring was in use.

The government will meet on Friday to decide on measures to limit the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus in Finland.

The key is to significantly restrict cross-border traffic.

The aim is to ensure that a sufficiently large proportion of passengers can be tested to prevent the spread of the variant.

Ministry of the Interior A model has been prepared in which mainly only tasks that are important for Finland’s security of supply and the functioning of society could enter the country.

In addition, the country could be entered, for example, on the basis of provable family reasons.

HS said for the first time on Wednesday last weekthat the government is trying to limit tourism to only the necessary business travel.

Finnish citizens and permanent residents of Finland are always allowed to leave and return, with rare exceptions.

Template described as an advanced model of spring travel restrictions.

In the spring, Finland restricted traffic so that in practice only necessary commuting was allowed.

Access was granted only to, inter alia, freight transport drivers, health and rescue professionals, elderly care professionals, as well as diplomats, military personnel and aid workers.

It is still intended that these groups will enter Finland.

Evening News said on Wednesdaythat the strict restrictions will take effect next week. HS has received confirmation of the information.

Thursday restrictions were addressed by the Ministerial Group on Social Affairs and Health.

In addition to border restrictions, new measures within the country will also be decided on Friday. The aim is to react quickly with tough action if a new variant has spread in some area. The government is considering new guidelines for the regions.

There are no decisions on any restrictions yet.

Government has prepared for a long negotiation on Friday.

Following the consultation, a session of the Government is to be held, at which the guidelines will be formally decided.

The tightening of the borders will be done as decisions of the Government, so they will come into force quickly. Restrictions can be made for up to 30 days at a time.

Negotiation can become tricky. The RKP is reluctant to act because of EU regulations. In particular, the RKP and the Center fear the impact of the measures on the business community.

However, several parties are estimated that no government party will ultimately dare to block action.

The threat is that the party will be accused in retrospect of a significant worsening of Finland’s corona situation if a new virus variant from abroad is unleashed.

Preliminary according to the calculation, at its strictest, the restrictions could reduce tourism between Estonia and Finland by 75 percent. The range of estimates is from 25 percent to 75 percent.

Air traffic would also decrease.

This year, about 30,000 people a week have traveled from Estonia to Helsinki. Most of these are people working in buildings, nursing homes and the service sectors, among others.

There have also been lighter measures under consideration, but they would roughly reduce travel by only a quarter.

Estonia in addition, the problem is also the border between western north Sweden and Finland, where more than a hundred thousand people even move back every week. The coronavirus situation on the Swedish side is considerably worse than in Finland.

The government will also have to consider restricting the free movement of this so-called border community. For the RKP, touching the Swedish border has always been a difficult issue.

Many Finns work on the Swedish side, but their border crossings cannot be banned.

It is also difficult to close the Russian border more than at present, as most passengers are either Finnish citizens or dual citizens whose travel cannot be banned.

Construction industry the managing director of the interest group Aleksi Randell hopes that the government will work to increase tests at the borders so that labor can move freely to and from Finland.

“If workers did not have wide access to the country, it would cause significant difficulties in the industry. We have to evaluate this when we hear the decisions. ”

Randell says the construction industry is defined as a security of supply sector, so what matters this time is how the government interprets the industry.

“In the spring, a large part of the workforce did not leave Finland, so the impact was smaller for this reason. Had they left and not been able to get back, the disadvantages would have been greater. In our view, it is important that Business Travel could continue. From the point of view of the construction industry, the Baltic countries, especially Estonia, and Finland are a common employment area. ”

Randell says the NGO could issue a recommendation to member companies to require a negative coronavirus test for those entering work if the number of tests on ships and in ports increases enough, and the authorities make a recommendation to that effect.

Employees the chairman of the building association representing Matti Harjuniemen According to him, nothing essential happens in the buildings, even if travel restrictions like spring come to Finland.

“The construction sites would only calm down, as they are now heavily overcrowded, as labor trade from abroad is very aggressive and there will be more workers than necessary.”

He says that the employees would probably stay in Finland for the duration of the restriction, as many did in the spring.

“Housing conditions are the most problematic. If this barrier is not made, the easily contagious modification will easily spread to construction sites due to these cramped living conditions. The flats are inhabited by people who work on different construction sites, which means that they can be real spinners. ”


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