Board | Center minister Annika Saarikko on minister Junnila’s resignation: “Finally”

“There are a lot of serious things that have come to light. There is no trust,” says Annika Saarikko, chairwoman of the centre.

Opposition party chairman of the center Annika Saarikko held by the Minister of Economic Affairs Vilhelm Junnilan (ps) separation decision as the right solution. Saarikko commented on the matter on the messaging service Twitter.

“Vilhelm Junnila’s resignation from the position of Minister of Economy is the only correct solution. At last. There are many serious things that have come to light. There is no trust,” Saarikko writes.

“Important for Finland: no doubts about the core values ​​of our society must spread to the world. Equality, people’s power, indivisible human dignity.”

On Friday, Junnila said through a press release that she is resigning from the position of Minister of Economic Affairs. He said that based on the continuation of the government and Finland’s reputation, he sees that it is impossible for him to continue as a minister in a satisfactory way.

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Earlier on Friday, the criticism of Junnila had intensified even though she survived the vote of confidence in the parliament on Wednesday. Just three hours before the resignation announcement, Junnila had defended her actions in her Facebook update.

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