Blog | Maarit Hurmerinta and Aili Ikonen surprised in Pori, where the atmosphere was as before

“This is my perfect Pori Jazz moment,” writes Katri Kallionpää.

Is do you have hot asks the singer Aili Ikonen From the audience gathered in front of the Lokki stage in Pori’s Kirurinluoto. “We’re perfect,” someone shouts back. And then I know: This is also my perfect Pori Jazz moment.

Jukka Perko and Aili Ikonen interpret songs made famous by Dusty Springfield.

It’s a moment when tears come to my eyes and I know that right now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than on this wooden bench in the sunshine, in the middle of these people, listening to this music. The moment when Teemu Viinikainen plays a guitar solo when Ikonen imitates the birds singing with such a loud voice that it can hardly tell which is the human voice and which Jukka Perkon soprano saxophone – and the audience glows and claps.

This I have had to wait two years for a moment, because last year and this year the traditional big Pori Jazz has not been organized at all due to the pandemic. This year, however, the Pori Jazz plays again concert series, which lasts from Thursday to Saturday, has been assembled on a fast schedule.

For the first time in the history of Pori Jazz, the program has been built almost entirely by domestic forces.

At Thursday’s and Friday’s concerts, audiences have gotten a fresh taste of what the musicians have composed over the past year and a half after the pandemic has prevented gigs. Based on what has been heard so far, the harvest is excellent. It promises a very interesting gig autumn.

On the other hand, listeners of Kirjuriluoto have been pampered with nostalgic delicacies designed specifically for the audience of Kirjuriluoto. Nostalgia is in the air anyway, as this year only a small Lokki stage is in use, the “original” where Pori Jazz has been held since 1966, except for a few intervening years.

Guitarists Jarmo Saari and Teemu Viinikainen.

Aili Ikosen and Jukka Perkon Avara’s gig represents both nostalgia and new music.

The program features a British pop and soul singer Dusty Springfield (1939–1999), the power ballads of the 1970s, which, judging by the enthusiasm of me and the audience of Scribe, have remained in the spinal cord of many others. Plate Dusty appeared just before the pandemic, so these fresh arrangements and Hectorin it has not been possible to present new lyrics in Finnish to the public before this.

Made the biggest impression Burt Bacharachin a classic with a recognizable pulse and melody, but in addition to Ikonen’s wild improvisation, Viinikainen and Jarmo Saaren great guitars, Niko Kumpuvaaran insightful accordion of both Perkon and Verneri Pohjolan you listen to the fans.

It’s amazing the emotional storm also ended with a Thursday night as the audience sang together the wonderful 1970s Ice cream summerhits themselves Maarit Hurmerinnan with. Saxophonist Timo Lassy had called Maarit Hurmerinnan and pianist-composer-singer Tuomo Prättälä to make music on stage along with his trio.

Tuomo Prättälä

Prior to that, Lassy performed with a bassist Ville Herralan and a drummer Jaska Lukkarinen with music from his upcoming album. For example, Balladi Sunday 20 seems to have nicely captured the sad, embarrassed mood in which we watched the world in a corona exception in 2020.

Jazzin The coolest feature is that it combines different musicians to make music together. Prättälä’s pianism and hoarse soul singing made the hair stand up.

Maarit Hurmerinta

It was a very special pleasure to see my ancient idol, 67-year-old Maarit, on stage. His special, soulful way of using his voice fit in perfectly with Lassy’s sovereign saxophone.

Great the stars will also be seen on the Lokki stage in Kirjuriluoto today, Saturday. In the afternoon we will hear when Pepe Willberg mood together Jukka Eskolan with the band Henrik Otto Donnerin music. The evening and the entire concert series will end with a gig from the early 2000s trend band Quintessence.



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