Billionaires Elon Musk donated approximately $ 5.7 billion worth of Tesla shares to the charity

The donations took place last fall around the same time as the stock sales, in which Musk sold a total of about $ 16 billion worth of Tesla.

Electric car company CEO of Tesla Elon Musk last year donated about $ 5.7 billion worth of its company shares to charity.

The value of the shares is about five billion euros.

The donations appear to have been made by Musk to the authorities notification. Among other things, the news was reported Wall Street Journal and a news agency Bloomberg.

Donations took place in November. At the same time, Musk also sold its shares worth a total of about $ 16 billion (about $ 14 billion).

The name of the charity has not been made public.

Musk also exchanged 22.9 million options for Tesla shares last year, the Wall Street Journal says.

Because of last year’s income, donations may be a tax-sensible activity for Musk.

Donations of valuable stocks are favored by the rich in the United States because of tax deductions.

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Tesla shares were traded at a price of more than $ 1,060 at the time of the donations. The stock’s closing price on Monday was only about $ 876.

In tax deductions, the value of donations is determined on the basis of the prices paid for the share on the date of donation.

Last in the fall, the director of the UN World Food Program called on billionaires to help solve the world hunger problem.

Elon Musk replied On Twitterthat if the World Food Program tells us how $ 6 billion will solve the famine, he will sell Tesla shares right away.

The World Food Program declined to comment to the Wall Street Journal on whether Musk had donated shares of Tesla to the organization.

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