Bikini Fitness | Fitness champion Rosa Paloperä has been on a diet since April, and food portions always go through the kitchen scale

Fitness athlete Rosa Paloperä has been on a diet since April, and food portions always go through the kitchen scale. He faces a lot of prejudice because of his species. “For someone, the goal may be to write a book, for me it’s to modify my physics for the best”

Spanish after returning from the race trip Rosa Fire Opera, 24, cried for a week tears of happiness.

She won the bikini fitness series under 169 cents in the internationally high-level Arnold Classic Europe competition.

“It’s hard to realize that I did win, leaving behind the European Championship and World Championship winner. And in what way, no one in Finland has yet to beat those stages completely with the voice of a judge. ”

The victory is a special achievement in that, after getting excited about gym training as a high school student, Paloperä really didn’t plan a fitness career.

“I guess I’ll never go on stage. That was no goal for me. ”

Now Fire Opera has been competing for a few years and wants to go as far as possible in its species.

“I’ve always been damn competitive.”

Training with minus calories is not always nice, but when the goals are clear, the race diet is a natural part of everyday life.

Sport and a desire for competition have guided the Fire Force from an early age. At the age of three, he started ballet. At the same time, his parents divorced.

When she was six years old, Paloperä moved with her mother from Kuopio to Espoo. There, the ballet changed to team gymnastics.

A few years later, Paloperä moved back to Kuopio with his father. Gymnastics continued until high school age, but the level of the team was no longer what Paloperä was used to in Espoo.

“I’ve always been damn competitive. My own level was higher than the rest of the team and I didn’t get ahead. My motivation was not enough for that. ”

In high school, Paloperä applied for the dance line. At the same time, a gym workout came along.

As a child The firefighter was often with his father when he went to the gym.

While his father was paddling in a gym in the shelter of the civil defense, Paloperä climbed poles, threw somersaults on the tatami in the adjoining hall, or drew a coloring book.

“The idea that it’s nice to visit the gym and easy to go to is left behind.”

Later, it was so easy to go to the hall that sometimes the Fire Department was there seven days a week.

At the same time, social media became more and more ingrained in everyday life, and Paloperä was excited to follow American bikini fitness contestants.

The sport, which required hard fitness, became more and more interesting. The fire brigade went to see the Fitness Classic competitions held in Finland, and at the latest the atmosphere would be absorbed.

“It was so cool. I decided I wanted that too. ”

Two days after the race event, Paloperä contacted a personal trainer with whom they worked for a year. Then Paloperä found his current coach, Bikini Fitness, internationally successful Anna Virmajoki.

Together, they decided that first another year of work would be done and then it was time for the competitions.

“From the beginning, it was clear to me that I would first train and train for so long that I have a chance to win when I get on stage. I’m not just going there to try. ”

“I want to achieve my dreams, I don’t just dream.”

Rosa Paloperä is practicing posing now a day.

In 2019 was the time of the first races. The juniorcup and the adult Finnish Championships organized in the same connection brought Palopera the victory of its own junior series and the adult Finnish Championship silver.

The year 2020 was Paloperä’s second competition year. That’s when he got SM championship silver in the juniors as well as in the general series. The race was extremely tight and further fueled Paloperä’s motivation.

Cooperation with the coach and the opportunities around the sport led Paloperä to move to Helsinki.

“Over the last 1.5 years, I’ve grown into an athlete, and the fire for the job has intensified. I want to achieve my dreams, I just dream. I know I have potential. ”

Practice essentially involves posing on stage. Because the differences at the tip are small, the body must be able to present itself as well as possible.

After last season, Paloperä started low pressure fitness (LPF) exercises for the middle body. It exhales air and draws the abdomen into the pit as in a vacuum pack.

Vacuum training helps the muscles of the middle body and makes it easier to keep the waist narrow when posing.

“In the past, the support of the middle body meant to disappear when I switched from one position to another. This has been a big help to that. I do the program a few times in the morning, it’s a nice start to the day. ”

“There’s a lot of change going on during race week, and the mind doesn’t really keep up with it.”

In Arnold Classic Europe, Rosa Paloperä grabbed first place.

Spanish after the Games there was one freer food day that included “tapas and gizzards”. By the way, Paloperä has been on a diet since April.

The food goes through a kitchen scale, and every day Fire Opera does an aerobic exercise. In addition, the week includes five gym exercises.

During a long race diet, the weight drops to about ten pounds. Now that Fire is in “little shape,” the role of the coach is emphasized. As the Games approach, their own bodies are often monitored too critically.

“A lot of changes take place during the race week, and the mind doesn’t really stick with it. It is much more sensitive to what is happening in the mirror because the goal is so clear. ”

In good condition being tough is so it’s good that the races are relatively close as they are this fall.

After the race season, the diet is gradually unloaded. Firefighters consider a step-by-step increase in food intake, or reverse diet, to be even more important than the race diet itself.

Recovery is much easier mentally and physically, keeping in mind that an athlete’s daily life continues even after a race.

“If you just eat arbitrarily after a race, then you feel awful. Weight accumulates really quickly and specifically as fat because the body has been on a diet for a long time and wants to store all its energy. There is a risk of frost on hormonal activity, for example. ”

Bridge currently Paloperä works in the sports equipment store and coaches in the sport.

For the Spanish competition, Paloperä saved almost a year. Flights, accommodations, race fee, bikini, makeup, hair, nails, shoes, race color… One race trip easily takes several tons.

The goal is to get a pro card, ie to get involved in the toughest competitions of all, where there are also opportunities for cash prizes.

Bikini fitness does not live in Finland with a professional card either, but together with the market value brought by social media, it is already almost possible.

The success has increased Paloperä’s social media, but it also has nasty side effects. During the first races, Paloperä got a lot of dirt on his neck.

The postures were judged, compared to other competitors, or wondered if he had a lot of fat outside the race season. Most of the comments came anonymously.

“That doesn’t mean it has to be criticized all year round.”

High heels are part of the competition outfit in bikini fitness. Transparent shoes are preferred in competitions so that attention is not paid too much to the shoes.

Of the unknown people’s opinions don’t momentarily fire up, but he finds the phenomenon dangerous.

“Not everyone can ignore comments. Some are under severe external pressure. ”

It is part of the type of fire brigade that on the day of the competition he steps on the stage to be judged by the judges. Then he is prepared to be judged according to certain criteria included in the race.

That doesn’t mean it would be ok to criticize him all the time.

“Race day is one day, and that’s when the condition is judged. That doesn’t mean it has to be criticized all year round. ”

Bikini fitness is a type of review. If you are prone to take criticism in person, it can be difficult to get over competitions. The firefighter doesn’t take criticism, but he’s not completely Teflon either.

Everyone has uncertain moments, but there are tools for them.

“I deal with things a lot in my mind, and I do calming and presence exercises in the evenings.”

Because of its species, Paloperä has also encountered prejudices. He is thought to be selfish or superficial. The firefighter has also wondered why an athlete in good shape is subjected to such thoughts.

“I don’t do this to show others but to myself. Everyone has their own passions and dreams. For someone, the goal may be to write a book, for me, it’s to modify my physics to the best of my ability. ”

Finland and the Nordic Championships will be competed on 16-17. October in Lahti. The goal of the fire brigade is to win the Finnish Championships and get a national team place in the November World Championships.

While below is the victory of fierce international competition, it still doesn’t guarantee anything.

“You can’t wave your jacket, the jobs are being pressed, and there’s still room for improvement. Finland has a very high level in this species. ”

Rosa Paloperä now focuses on bikini fitness and wants to get as far as possible in it.

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