Biathlon “We have a long way to go and there is a gap” – Mari Eder also needs more joint training in the national team

Finland placed 13th in the export cup, which ended in the Kontiolahti competition on Thursday. Sweden won the cup because France was rejected.

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Coach Jonne Kähkönen surprised his athlete at the World Cup in Kontiolahti when he said that he would not continue as the head coach of the Finnish biathlon team.

In an interview with HS, Kähkönen said that the current coaching system does not create a sufficient basis for the future. Kähkönen would like to focus on coaching the national team, as it is now very much the responsibility of the athletes’ personal coaches.

Kähkönen feels that he is more of a manager and team leader than a head coach.

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The top name for Finnish female shooters Mari Eder says he will sign Kähkönen’s view. According to Eder, the question is very much about the role and how much work is left around the head coach.

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“This is not a new thing in my time either. Every head coach has said there is too much work to be done. These are resource issues, ”says Eder.

Multi The biathlon coaching of the Central European country as well as Norway and Sweden is built around the national team. This is also the direction that Kähkönen, who leaves his wash in the spring, wants.

“Many countries have built a national team as Jonne thinks. An athlete is never alone. We should go there, but we have a long way to go. It should be a common decision, ”says Eder.

Over the years, Eder has built his own coaching line while living in Austria. Still, he would be ready to train much more with the Finnish national team.

He was already involved in the youth coaching group during Jonne Kähkönen’s first head coaching session in 2006–2010. Eder doesn’t want to talk about the rest of his career yet.

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“Biathlon requires more team support than cross-country skiing. There is a clear desire to go in the direction of being more together. I have tried many different ways, ”says Eder.

Thursday Eder toured his first fine of the season in Kontiolahti. He shot one shot past the opening leg of the Finnish team. He cleared the second shooting range with two spare cartridges.

Suvi Minkkinen used one spare cartridge per portion. Nastassia Kinnunen raised Finland from 13th to 10th place. Erika Jänkä rounded one penalty lap and brought the team to the finish in 11th place.

“It wasn’t our best message pull, but on a personal level there was a positive signal,” Minkkinen said.

Finland’s difference to Norway, which won the message, lasted five minutes. Sweden was second and Italy third.

France’s rejection elevated Sweden’s women’s message to a World Cup winner. Finland ranks 13th in the export cup, as there are no more posts in the World Cup this season after Kontiolahti.

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The men’s post will compete in Kontiolahti on Friday. Personal sprints and chase races are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.

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