Biathlon Tero Seppälä were boosted for the comfort of the point score: “I think it was the best investment a normal trip I have ever received”

Russia’s Alexander Loginov took his first personal victory of the World Cup in Anterselva.

Finland Tero Seppälä nicely accumulated his points account as the World Biathlon Men’s Cup continued on Friday in Anterselva, Italy. Seppälä, who fired three fine minutes on a 20-kilometer normal distance, finished 19th.

Seppälä lost to Russia, which won the race Alexander Loginoville two minutes and 45 seconds. Loginov, who took his first personal win of the cup season, performed from four shooting locations without fines.

Seppälä’s Friday ranking is his second best in this season’s World Cup. In December in Hochfilzen, Austria, he was 16th in the sprint.

At the end of last season, he finished seventh in the Czech Nove Mesto sprint.

“Good race, would be the best investment a normal trip I have ever received. It hasn’t been my strength, but if I ski hard, it seems to be quite high, ”Seppälä said in the press release.

Seppälä the pace on the track was good as he was 17th in skiing. He fired his fine minutes from the berths.

“Today we had to make compromises with the variability of the fog and changed the bigger sight hole to the race. However, there was a really clear weather in the sleeping shots. I don’t know if it passed because there was no suitable adjustment for that weather. ”

Zero shooting of the last vertical position raised Seppälä to World Cup points in the future.

“At the end of the last stand, there was hard fog, and I was able to shoot zeros from it, so it then rose,” he rejoiced.

Although the ranking was good, Seppälä was barely left out of the men’s ski start in Italy on Sunday.

“It’s annoying that I’ve ever been in such a good position dropped out of a joint start. However, the condition is on the rise, ”and we have a good team for Saturday’s post.

Tuomas Harjula was 64th as the second best Finn. He fired four fine minutes.

“Shooting was a mediocre performance, but not quite a disaster now though. The second bedroom went wrong, it got a little confusing, ”Harjula said.

Olli Hiidensalo was 66th with five fines.

“After Oberhof’s illnesses, there is a small feeling in his lungs. Compared to that, skiing was surprisingly good today, ”Hiidensalo described.


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