Biathlon Olympic ski champion Stina Nilsson tinted in biathlon, although the pace of skiing was quite weak

Nilsson was only the 30th fastest in skiing in Östersund in the World Cup.

Biathlon a year ago switched to the Swedish cross-country Olympic champion Stina Nilsson reached a milestone in his new career on Friday.

He was involved in the World Cup competition for the first time, and the joy was immediately increased by reaching the cup points as well. Nilsson was 26th on the women’s quick trip that opened the 26th World Cup final weekend in Östersund.

“Awesome, I’m super happy, be fun,” Nilsson rejoiced after the race.

Pyeongchangin Nilsson, 27, who won sprint gold on the 2018 Olympic sprints and also took two World Championship golds in cross-country skiing, was the 30th fastest skier in Friday’s sprint race, but only one fine came on the shooting range.

The difference from Norway, which won the race Tiril to Eckhoff just under a minute left, and Sweden’s number one star, among others, was behind the result list Hanna Öberg.

Nilsson said he really couldn’t even dream of such a good World Cup debut.

“If I compare myself as a biathlete to what I was at the opening of the season in Idre (November), there are two completely different biathletes. I felt particularly focused and really wanted to do well. ”

“I know we go here two steps forward and one backward, three forward and two backward. There will be variation and you will never know how it will go before the race. But I also know that when you are doing well, you can also do really well on the bench. ”

About Finns Suvi Minkkinen was the best. He shot cleanly and was 36th. Minkkinen’s difference to the top was 1.10.7 minutes.

Mari Eder was ranked 63rd and Nastassia Kinnunen 90: s. Eder, who missed the tip of 1.50.6, collected three fines. Kinnunen also had three passes, and the difference to the top was 2.44.2 minutes.

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