Biathlon Mari Eder was terrified at the wheel of the car before the Oberhof race

Eder was stressed out by the car accident, but still skied for eighth.

Mari Eder excelled in the Biathlon Women’s World Cup returning from their Christmas break in a sprint at the Oberhof, Germany.

Eder, who fired a single-bed fine, was eighth, reaching the top ten for the second time this season. She was ninth in Annecy’s sprint on December 16th.

Eighth place is best for Eder in the World Cup since early March 2020, when he was fourth in the Nove Meston sprint.

Starting point compared to that, the result was even excellent, as training during a cup break of less than three weeks was not optimal.

“Of course the position is good. Physically it wasn’t the best day, but it was to be expected. I didn’t quite go to the end of the break. A small variable of all kinds, as there is always little in my life in general. We had to come a little calmer to prepare for this, ”Eder described in the press release.

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Eder added to BTI that it was a minor accident in the final stages of the break. The car’s rear window “exploded totally when it hit” while Eder was driving. Fortunately, there were no injuries, but there was stress.

“On average, more is happening of all kinds (than many). If something can go wrong, it usually goes, ”Eder laughed on the phone.

“The scarecrow and stress came, and as a result, I was going to get sore. However, it was well avoided, the disease never came on. However, it had little effect on the training. ”

Sunday chasing Eder is well positioned. Quick Cup World Cup Winner Marte Olsbu Röiseland leaves 28 seconds ahead of Eder and split second Hanna Sola and Julia Simon 21 are seconds ahead, but behind the top three, the next five start within five seconds.

In the men’s sprint Olli Hiidensalo was 21st and Tero Seppälä 37: s. The Russian won the competition Aleksandr Loginov.

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