Biathlon Hauser of Austria moved from his first victory in the World Cup: “This is amazing”

Mari Eder missed the race due to back problems.

Austria Lisa Theresa Hauser grabbed her first victory in the Biathlon Women’s World Cup on Thursday. Hauser was by far the number one in the normal distance race in Antholz-Anterselva, Italy.

Hauser, who fired a single fine, defeated Ukraine, which reached second Julia Dzhiman 43.7 seconds. French Anais Chevalier-Bouchet was third on the 15-mile journey. Dzhima shot cleanly and Chevalier-Bouchet one fine minute.

“I cry a little for luck. This is unbelievable. It’s being practiced all summer with the goal of winning the World Cup for the first time, and today it happened, ”the agitated Hauser said of the World Cup. website.

Finland Suvi Minkkinen was 58, Venla Lehtonen 68: s and Erika Jänkä 78: s. Minkkinen, who collected four fines, was more than six minutes away, Lehtonen five times more than seven and Jänkä four times more than eight minutes.

Suffering from back problems Mari Eder missed the competition.

“The top thing to keep in mind is that there are too many fines. Easy condition, you can’t put anything on its spike, ”Minkkinen said in a press release from the Biathlon Association.

Minkkinen earned a total of two fine minutes from both vertical and sleeping places.

“The first standing was really restless. I came to the last stand with the idea that I had to get at least one good shot for this race, ”Minkkinen said and was satisfied with his skiing.

“There was nothing terribly left to say about this day”

Lehtonen also considered his skiing good, but the shooting was disappointing.

“Shooting was bad today. It wasn’t so relaxed in terms of feeling, there was little of that kind of freezing, ”Lehtonen said.

Jänkä fired all his fine minutes from the uprights.

“There was nothing terribly left to say about this day. The sleeps were just fine if you want to dig something positive out of there. Eka was really hard, ”she shook and had to take a new position.

The World Cup continues in Italy on Friday with the men’s normal trip.


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