Belarus Two Belarusian men have already spent five months at the Swedish embassy in Minsk

The father and son acquired in the embassy area in September. Outside the embassy, ​​they may face a long prison sentence.

Belarusian the father and son have already spent five months in the hotels of the Swedish embassy in Minsk, according to the news agency AFP, according to which the men are becoming a “diplomatic headache” for Sweden.

The situation was confirmed last Tuesday by the Swedish Foreign Ministry. Last weekend, the matter was updated by the news agency TT and Swedish radio.

Vitali and Vladislav Kuznetšiki seek Swedish embassy in September following protests in Belarus Alexander Lukashenko against. In August, the authoritarian Lukashenko had won a rally in the rigged presidential election.

The men tried to apply for asylum at the embassy. Because the front door was locked, they climbed over the fence into the embassy courtyard.

According to Belarusian media, Belarusian authorities are investigating father and son Kuznethik in connection with the September protests in the city of Vitebsk.

Authorities apparently suspect men of involvement in the clashes between protesters and riot police. They face up to six years in prison.

Swedish the State Department is trying to resolve the situation of men with a low profile. Currently, the Kuznets are sharing a room at the embassy.

One solution could be for the men to be escorted to the Polish or Lithuanian border by Swedish diplomats.

Without security guarantees from Belarus, Sweden is unlikely to expel men from the embassy premises.

“It could lead to harsh criticism here in Sweden,” says the director of the human rights organization Östgruppen Martin Uggla.


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