Belarus The Belarusian opposition will not give up – tens of thousands took to the streets against Lukashenko

Police again used harsh extracts against protesters. Demonstrations have continued every week since August.

In Belarus tens of thousands of protesters again on Sunday in Minsk, the capital, to demand Alexander Lukashenkon difference. Demonstrations have continued every week since the presidential election in early August, which has been widely regarded as fraudulent.

News site said protesters were on the move across the capital. Site tweeted videos according to security forces used harsh grips to arrest people. Radio Free Europe Belarusian news service according to police would have already thrown protesters at stun grenades.

According to the human rights organization Vjasna, the police have arrested about 110 people in Minsk and elsewhere in the country.

Long despite ongoing protests, Lukashenka has not bowed. Authorities have tried to suppress protests with mass arrests and violence. Attempts have also been made to expel marchers by closing Minsk metro stations and disrupting mobile networks.

Opposition leader exiled to Lithuania Svyatlana Tsihanouskaya encouraged the protesters to continue. Sunday’s demonstration is a new step towards a free and just Belarus, he said.

“The country cannot be turned into a prison if no one is afraid of prison guards,” Tsihanouskaya said in a message.


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