Belarus | Opposition politician: Maryja Kalesnikava fell ill as a result of “harsh imprisonment”.

Imprisoned Belarusian opposition leader Maryja Kalesnikava was rushed to the hospital for intensive care last week. According to his political allies, the illness was the result of mistreatment in prison.

Belarusian opposition leader Maryja Kalesnikava political allies said Wednesday that Kalesnikava’s illness is the result of mistreatment in prison. This is reported by the Reuters news agency.

Last week, Kalesnikava was rushed from prison to Homel hospital for surgery and intensive care. Kalesnikava’s father later said that the reason for the hospital treatment was a burst stomach ulcer and inflammation of the peritoneum.

Belarusian opposition politician Viktar Babarykan The press service reported on Tuesday that Kalesnikava was returned to prison over the weekend.

Babarykan A statement published on the Telegram account on Wednesday says that Kalesnikava had been kept in solitary confinement before her health rapidly deteriorated.

According to the statement, Kalesnikava’s emergency hospitalization was the result of “disproportionately harsh imprisonment in solitary confinement”.

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The statement says that Kalesnikava had not been given treatment for a long time, despite saying that he was not feeling well and had lost consciousness.

40 years old Kalesnikava was said to lead Belarus autocratically Alexander Lukashenko to the leading figures of the large anti-government protests in 2020. He is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence.

The verdict is considered political. Kalesnikava has been accused of, among other things, endangering national security and conspiring to overthrow the government of Belarus.

European Union demanded Belarus to release Kalesnikava last week after she was hospitalized. of the EU foreign policy director by Josep Borrell spokesman Peter Stano said that Belarus should release all political prisoners without delay.

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