Belarus Mr Lukaryka, Lukashenko’s main opponent, was sentenced to 14 years in prison in Belarus

The allegations of corruption against Babaryka are considered politically motivated and invented.

Belarusian the court has convicted an opposition politician Viktar Babarykan Sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption, according to news agency Reuters.

Babaryka was arrested in June last year while trying to register as a candidate in the August presidential election. Babaryka was considered an authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko as the main opponent.

Mr Lukashenko won the election, the results of which are widely considered fake.

Babaryka has denied her guilt, and the charges are considered invented. According to Babaryka supporters, the aim is to prevent political activity.

When Babaryka’s candidacy was blocked and he was arrested, Babaryka’s ally Maria Kalesnikava joined forces Svjatlana Tsihanouskajan and Veronika Tsapkalan with. Three women became opposition leaders and frontrunners during the presidential election and subsequent protests.

Kalesnikava is currently imprisoned in Belarus and Tsapkala has fled the country. Tsihanouskaya seeks to run the affairs of the opposition from abroad and has become the representative of Belarusians in the world.

Also spouse of Tsihanouskaja Sjarhei Tsihanouski and spouse of Tsapkala Valeri Tsapkala tried to run for president, but their candidacy was rejected.

Tsihanouski is under arrest in Belarus. Tsapkala lives in exile like his wife.

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