Belarus In Belarus, offices of human rights organizations and opposition groups were ridden

Less than a week ago, news media deliveries were similarly ridden in Belarus and access to the pages of the country’s oldest newspaper was blocked.

Belarus the security service, the KGB in Belarus, is said to have ridden the offices of at least five independent human rights organizations and several opposition groups and arrested several activists.

The report was reported by the news agency AFP.

The organizations include, for example, political prisoner defender Vjasna and one of the country’s oldest human rights organizations, the Belarusian Helsinki Committee.

Vyasna has been closely followed by the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko protests and actively reported on those arrested.

According to the organization, the KGB arrested at least nine of its activists, not its chairman Ales Byalyatski get in touch.

Vyasna said in a statement that the real cause of the persecution is “the tireless toil of the entire human rights community in Belarus to promote human rights and democratic values”.

Chairman of the Helsinki Committee of Belarus Oleg Gulak wrote on Facebook that the organization ‘s office door has been broken.

Two the opposition group and the Belarusian Union of Journalists also reported on the raids. In addition, the director of the organization opposing the death penalty was arrested.

In addition, the offices of the Gender Equality Organization, a charity, an independent trade union and the Business Research Center were ridden.

Well-known independent economist and politician Jaraslau Ramantšukin the home was also ridden.

In addition to the rides listed above in the capital, Minsk, several were also performed in the provinces of Belarus.

In exile living opposition leader Svyatlana Tsihanouskaya said, according to AFP, in its statement, more and more groups and individuals are being persecuted by the regime.

“The administration masks its lack of control through violence and lawlessness. They hope to feel in power again if everyone in the country falls silent, ”Tsihanouskaya wrote in a statement.

The Belarussian regime has long sought to silence critical voices in the country. Last week, access to the online publication of the country’s oldest newspaper was blocked in the country and edits of several newspapers were ridden.



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