Belarus Belarus’s Lukashenko claims western-linked “sleeping terrorist cells” have been exposed

Belarus an authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko claimed on Friday that the country’s authorities had uncovered “sleeping terrorist cells” connected to the west.

According to Lukashenko, the connections led to Germany, the United States, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania.

“The purpose of these cells is to violently change the system of government on day X. These cells do not know when day X will come,” Lukashenko said in comments released by his office.

In addition, Lukashenko claimed that “sleeping cells” had tried to attack the Russian naval communications center near the Belarusian city of Vilejka. Mr Lukashenko said he had discussed the incident with the Russian president Vladimir Putin with.

Mr Lukashenko also said he had ordered the authorities to close the Belarusian border with Ukraine to prevent a “large number of weapons” from entering the Belarusian side.



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