Before & After Sarina Hannonen completely renovated her mini-unit – the pictures show how an ingenious swarming solution turned the apartment into a space miracle

In the Before & After story series, we present homes before and after renovation or interior design. Sarina Hannonen, who bought a mini-unit from Helsinki’s Lauttasaari, decided to make a complete transformation of her new home. The pictures show that it really paid off.

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Sarina Hannonen and her father renovate their mini unit almost from floor to ceiling.

Oona Laine HS


We lived the second half of summer in 2019. Thirty Sarina Hannonen lived in the rental apartment of his dreams in Kruununhaka, Helsinki. He thought he would never change anything about it.

Consequently, buying your own home did not come to mind either. Instead, Hannonen planned to invest in a summer house in Kivinoka.

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