Before & After Elisa Jokelin conjured up a square from a triangle – The ingenious “bed wall” brought its own rooms to the children

In the Before & After story series, HS presents homes before and after renovation or interior design. In this story, Elisa Jokelin from Helsinki explains how she overcame the space problems of the apartment by changing the floor plan.

Elisa Jokelin ended up with a special renovation solution in her new home. In this story, he explains how he got one more room in an apartment with an exceptional wall solution.

Oona Laine HS


Divorce puts life in many ways for renovation. As of now though its where and with whom it lives.

Helsinki Elisa Jokelin got to know this three years back.

It was necessary to leave the former home and find a new one to replace it. Creating in the housing market, however, was anything but a buzzword.

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