Beauty queen and her partner convicted of stealing 45 bottles of wine



The woman used a wig to hide herself.

The woman used a wig to hide herself.

They stole 1.7 million dollars from a well-known restaurant in Spain.

Priscila Guevara Lara and her partner were sentenced for the theft of 45 bottles of wine from a renowned restaurant in Spain. According to reports from the authorities, the couple “planned in meticulous detail” the theft of a fine liquor that would have been wrapped in towels and bags.

To commit the robbery, Priscila and her boyfriend Constantin stayed at a hotel next to the restaurant that was going to be stolen. In the middle of their stay they requested a guided tour of the wine cellar before going back to their room.

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The former beauty queen had reserved a room and had a brown wig, what caught the attention of the hotel manager is that the Mexican spoke English and presented a Swiss passport.

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At night, Priscila ordered room service to presumably occupy the office manager while her boyfriend went to the reception and stole the key that would give him access to the wine bottles.

After two calls to the reception, her boyfriend managed to take the key and minutes later they carried out the robbery. The report says the couple pulled out 45 bottles of wine, including two 19th-century wines from French vineyard Chateau d’Yquem, listed on the menu for $37,100 and $47,000.

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The couple fled and were caught trying to cross the Albanian-Croatian border. Now they will pay four years in prison and a fine of $796,000.

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