Beaches The temperatures of Helsinki’s bathing waters can be ascertained from the new online service in almost real time

Temperatures update every few minutes throughout the year.

Swimming trip the planning city dweller no longer has to guess bathing water temperatures at home. The current temperatures of the fifteen beaches in the metropolitan area can now be found out From the Uiras online service.

Water temperatures are measured year-round by sensors that transmit data directly to the Internet. Temperatures are updated every few minutes.

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Service has also facilitated the work of swimming supervisors.

“For example, the swimming supervisors in Herttoniemenranta praised the fact that now you don’t have to go to measure the temperature by hand every morning,” says Forum Virium Helsinki specialist Aapo Rista In the City of Helsinki press release.

Forum Virium Helsinki is the city’s innovation company that has built the service.

Gauges is in Herttoniemi, Hietaniemi, Lauttasaari, Marjaniemi, Munkkiniemi, Pikkukoski, Pihlajasaari, Rastila, Uunisaari, Vartiosaari and Vasikkasaari in Helsinki.

In Espoo, temperature data are available from Kattilajärvi and Hanika, in Vantaa from Kuusijärvi and Vetokannas.

Temperatures have been published as open data, which means that anyone can also use them in their own applications, for example.



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